[Coronavirus Pandemic] The daily COVID chronicle - June 2, 2020

The daily COVID chronicle - June 2, 2020

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As mentioned in previous posts, here is a visualization tool for mapping the cases of COVID-19 occurrences.

According to the site, this morning's worldwide number of reported cases was 6,309,107 with 2,721,088 recoveries, 376,885 fatalities, and 1,817,785 cases reported in the United States (US). In the US, this represents 24,005 new cases, which is 3,331 more than yesterday.

Of the US cases, the site reports 458,231 recoveries, 105,475 fatalities, and 17,340,682 total tests performed. My own state, Pennsylvania, reports 77,072 cases with 48,428 recoveries, 5,667 fatalities, and 462,329 total tests administered.

  1. Steem @ojerinde: Companies now fully going into Remote Working

  2. Steem @meepins: US COVID Update (Sun-Mon)

  3. Steem @darth-cryptic: The FDA Can Only “Fast-Track” Medicine Because It Slow-Tracked It in the First Place

  4. A Reddit Community Has Become a Memorial for Covid-19 Victims - Subtitle: Amid a pandemic, users have turned the subreddit r/LastImages into a digital shrine to remember loved ones lost to the disease.

  5. How to Use Masks during the Coronavirus Pandemic - Subtitle: What kinds of face coverings work for protection against COVID-19? How do you use them safely? A series of simple steps outlines the answers

  6. Rigorous Hand-Washing Will Be Part of Covid-19's New Normal - Subtitle: The simplest hygiene tasks are the toughest to maintain—take it from the health care experts who have advice about how to make the habit stick.

  7. The WIRED Coronavirus Glossary - Subtitle: Too many Covid-19 buzzwords? Here’s what they all mean.

  8. Monkeys, ferrets offer needed clues in COVID-19 vaccine race - Subtitle: Researchers infect animals with the coronavirus to study their bodies’ reaction, but say that much work still needs to be done

  9. HBS COVID-19 Global Policy Tracker - Subtitle: The Harvard Business School Covid-19 Global Policy Tracker monitors new developments and changes in government policies throughout this crisis to analyze trends and correlations in countries' responses and economic impact.

  10. A trial is under way of the first new antibody medicine developed to treat covid-19 - Excerpt: Patients have started to receive the first antibody drug developed specifically to treat covid-19. It’s being tested in 32 patients at various doses in hospitals in the US. If it’s shown to be safe, the drug, referred to as LY-CoV555, will be studied in non-hospitalized coronavirus patients later this summer.

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