Ardent’s NOVA - Marijuana decarbonizer.

Ardent’s NOVA

Marijuana decarbonizer. A simple way to convert cannabis fro



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When using Nova we fan the thc potency of cannabis flowers, in addition to decarbonising it to be used in recipes and orally.

How does it work?

The herb is heated evenly which causes the THC of the raw plant to make it a usable and much more potent activated THC. When the herb is smoked in a traditional way, many active ingredients due to combustion are wasted. With Nova, the maximum THC of Cannabis flowers will be used.

Different uses
  • Prepared for smoking and vaping, with superior potency.
  • Preparations of tinctures and oils.
  • Instant groceries, suchs capsules.

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08.08.2019 15:13

Wow, this decarbonizer is amazing! I make so many edibles and I would love to have this tool. Not only will it make my edibles better but it will make them more potent! So Fricken awesome! I just wish the price was a bit lower so I could afford it :/

09.08.2019 10:20

Thanks for your comment! The truth is that I would love to have one one day. It seems to be very simple to use and fulfills its function. Although the price for me at the moment is too expensive for me.

10.08.2019 10:18