It is impossible to put pigeons in New York!

According to news reports, one in three Americans use junk food to continue their lives every day.
However, this traditional successor has now undergone a revolutionary change, belonging to a group of fat pigeons on the streets of New York.
Few people can escape the temptation of junk food, pizza burgers or French fries, which have brought alive and beautiful to the lonely night.
It is the vaginal lidocaine, and the dichlorvos that are willing to swallow.
Once contaminated, it is difficult to get rid of.
These, for the pigeons on the streets of New York, have the same deadly appeal.
They are not afraid to eat on the streets, sometimes to make a bunch of pizza meat.
The most unusual thing is that they also eat fried chicken.
As early as a few years ago, the pigeons were a disaster for the people of New York, and the New York Times called it a "paranoid pigeon."
In order to drive away these pigeons, people use poisons and corrosive gels.
But they found that none of these were used for burgers and pizza.
The original body of two pounds was filled with gas under the action of super calories.
With the weight that this age should not have, the extreme mad pigeons become reptiles.
“They won’t fly around anymore, reducing the chance of dropping feces into the coffee and saving a portion of the car wash.”
Fast, the fat pigeon has become the new IP of New York, the speed of the powder is no less than a certain Wu after the fat.
Amost everyone likes fat pigeons, but the fat of the pigeons is only known to them.

Obesity is a chain reaction, flying becomes a difficult problem, even if it is standing, it will not be easy.
Whether it is the buttocks of the fat pigeons or the belly of the fat pigeons, they span the width of two common pigeons.
According to the proportion of the whole body, the two thin claws can be ignored.
Slow action, temper, and more eager for junk food.
After all, obesity does not only change the appearance, it also distort the structure of the brain.
An ordinary adult pigeon needs only 30g of food a day.
A New York fat pigeon can destroy a bunch of messy French fries and swallow a 10-inch pizza like an adult man.
They can easily shred the giants that make you feel helpless, not to mention beef patties or sesame bread.
Every time, the residue flies into the air until the fat pigeon's face is covered with sauce.
"I stared at the fat pigeons carelessly, and the fat pigeons stared at me."
"I remembered the neighbor of the otaku who lived next door. I don't know if he called a few takeaways today."
Studies have shown that pigeons are particularly greedy, and even a trap can be plunged into a fierce.
Everyday life, in addition to sleeping, is to eat every day.
“Whenever I sit down on the street, there are a lot of obese pigeons waiting for charity in the grass next to me.”
"They no longer yearn for the blue sky, but the hot dogs that are addicted to my hands."
Once, they ate wheat, peas, or autumn berries, but now the TOP3 has changed.
According to the survey, the three main types of food that New York City pigeons love are pizza, fried chicken and cheese.
The more heavy sugar, heavy salt, greasy garbage, the more quickly it is eaten.
Like a group of anxious addicts.
So this year, the New Yorkers began to propose a ban on feeding pigeons.
“The City of New York really doesn’t want you to feed the pigeons. Feeding the leftovers to the pigeons may soon be illegal.”
Because of these junk foods, some pigeons in New York have already developed diabetes and high blood pressure.
And it will lead to uncontrolled breeding, speed catching up with raising mice.
It used to be said that the three high-income people are getting younger and younger, and now even the pigeons in the square have got rich and sick.
Undoubtedly, the speed of change in the times is surprising and repressive.
However, junk food not only corrodes pigeons.
There are many more birds.
A new study shows that white carp migrates from Europe to Africa every year.
On the way, they were first disturbed by the garbage dumps encountered, and then they were enchanted by the food in the dump.
Thousands of white storks were no longer wintering, and they built their nests all year round in the garbage pits of Spain and Portugal.
Prepare to stay here for life.
This is probably the junk food to change the fate.

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