It’s Not Snot Is It?


Snot is not a nice word. It’s usage is disgusting and gives me a yucky feeling. I’ve heard it used to describe an annoying person as a ‘little snot’ and also to describe yellow or green mucus. Just the word raises unpleasant visions and I easily lose my appetite. Who wants to see green slime coming out of a nose?

Living in a country with cold weather in the wintertime, it is common to see people with the sniffles who are blowing and dapping at their noses with a tissue. I heard cold weather does not cause colds and coughs but they are caused by a virus. In fact, I think cold temperatures kill a lot of germs.

Anyhow, Winter seems to be the season where viruses are afoot. Right now the Coronavirus has started in China and is very serious. Some people have already died from the virus.

If I am in a restaurant and the server has a cold, sneezes or coughs near the food, I will not eat it. If I saw snot in her nose I would walk out.

Some nose are upturned in a way you can see partway into them. If you have a nose like please you check to see there is not snot or hairs showing when you are in the public eye. Yes, hairs too! They look disgusting sticking out of a nose. There are tiny scissors and trimming tools to take care of them.

...end of five minute freewrite with prompt SNOT.

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Love this post. I have to be careful and make sure my hair from nose is trim or else it can stick out ;)

05.02.2020 04:49

Thanks Rob. Men do seem to have more nose hairs. 😂

05.02.2020 11:20

Tell us how you feel about snot LOL

05.02.2020 06:08

Haha Marianne. I did have a good rant.

05.02.2020 11:21

Oh, you make me laugh, @redheadpei! I got the giggles as I was reading this, especially the part about checking for nose hairs before you go out in the public eye!

05.02.2020 06:24

Happy to give you a chuckle Jayna. Don’t get me started on dirty fingernails. Lol

05.02.2020 11:29

Ha ha ha! Or body odor. And unkempt beards. We could start a list. 😁

05.02.2020 18:54

So off putting when I am in conversation with someone who has 'snot' can be seen in the nose Jo. You successfully brought a 'don't talk about it' out in the open.

05.02.2020 09:44

I’m glad you agree Angie. No one wants to see a booger in a nose when you are talking with them.

05.02.2020 11:32

We call little children a "snotneus", snot nose and it stands for children/teenagers who do not have (the) knowledge.
Snot is not my kind of thing either.

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05.02.2020 11:46

Hi @wakeupkitty! 💗 I know what you meant about little children with the boogers in the nose. Parents have to keep cleaning them so the kids can breathe. It’s really bad when they have a cold.

05.02.2020 12:17

@redheadpei I guess it is a kind of disease? Thank you for the answer. Enjoy your day. ❤️Posted with ![](

06.02.2020 06:43

Mucus and nose hair are unpleasant for many people. I often see them in other Lol.

05.02.2020 11:58

Don’t you feel like saying, to them, “Something is hanging from your nose.” Lol

05.02.2020 12:11

Yes, of course. Lol

05.02.2020 14:50

Now that was a good little rant, snot good for you at all!

I do wholeheartedly agree with you on sneezing, coughing and spewing everywhere is unhealthy to everyone around.


05.02.2020 12:16

Hi Joan! 💕 Yes, I really let loose on snot. Lol.

Thanks for the tip and I hope your week is going well. 😊

05.02.2020 13:39
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05.02.2020 12:16

LOL yes on cut those nose hairs, for Pete's sake! Love this!

05.02.2020 13:53

Lol @wandrnrose. Those stray nose hairs can be distracting when talking to someone who has them hanging down.

05.02.2020 23:15

I sidestep all those snot and nose hair problems by making certain I never look at anyone's nose.

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05.02.2020 15:11

Thanks @deirdyweirdy for delivering the New prompt.

Lol, maybe the snot and wayward hair problem would not bother me If I looked at something rather than noses too.

05.02.2020 23:22

This was a fun read! I won't eat in a place where I see the chef or the waiter sneezing, having a cold or worse seeing their snots!

07.02.2020 19:17

Thanks @lymepoet! I saw a sign that read,
“ Shoooo if you’ve got a cold” and I feel the same. 😊

07.02.2020 21:47

haha...what a fun and delightful subject to write about redheadei! did another great job of it though!

09.02.2020 03:33

Haha Cowboy, I let loose with my true feelings about the subject. 😂

09.02.2020 08:23

Exactly. Well, I like that and I think everyone agrees with you!

09.02.2020 16:53