How to Live Consciously - Change Your Life For the Better

The Power of Living Every Day is a series of talks posted on the Digg site, originally put there by Christian Audigier. It contains information about how to live life "consciously" and "actively." What he means by that is to live in alignment with the Universe and our higher self, rather than pursuing some kind of "higher good." As such, this book provides some very practical suggestions for living a more conscious life.

What I found interesting was that he makes a case for doing just that, by taking a "voyance" or "clear eye" approach to life. In other words, concentrate on the present moment, and try to understand everything that's around you. Try to be as "present" as possible. This means ignoring (or not paying attention to) things around you that aren't pleasing. For example, don't go on vacation when you're feeling resentful and angry, because you'll never have a good, positive experience there.

I think he goes too far in this book in saying that we need to be in control of our emotions, rather than the other way around. After all, if you let yourself be controlled by your emotions, you'll never be able to have a clear and positive experience in this life. I don't believe this is possible.

However, if you are able to let go of these negative feelings by simply living for your present, then you will have an amazing experience. This may mean that you change your entire perspective about life. Indeed, if you can make this one change, it will open up possibilities for you that you hadn't even imagined before.

One example he gives is that if you are a car driver, and you get into an accident, you might become depressed. However, if you can let go of that negative thought (that you will get into an accident someday), you can let go of that fear and remain happy. In fact, by doing this, you are not only changing one aspect of your life, but you are also creating a brand new attitude towards life. This means that your attitude becomes stronger and more optimistic.

You don't have to do anything special. It could just be that you decide on a different day to start your day, or you decide to make a new promise for yourself. By simply changing your attitude to a more positive one, you will notice a big difference in your behavior. For example, if you feel bad about yourself, then you will be likely to procrastinate. If you change your attitude and say "I am a wonderful person", then you will become more willing to take risks and jump head first into new things.

The reason why it is important for you to "live consciously" is because if you simply follow your feelings, you are dead inside. When you are alive and "at the core of yourself", you are much more capable of facing life head on, and at a higher level. This also means that you are more able to use your full potential in every area of your life. In order to truly live, you have to realize your own ability, and use your creativity and intelligence to live artistically.

There are many aspects of life that you can consciously improve. To live a truly happy life, you must learn how to use your mind so that you are enjoying what life has to offer. By changing your way of thinking, and developing a positive attitude towards life, you will find that you are much more capable of living a life filled with joy, rather than living in fear.

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