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Hello Guys,

Today I brought a helpful Tutorial to design your Steemit Wallpaper without any external software. It’s an online tool which related to graphic design.

Here I am going to discuss about a useful website and it’s called a CANVA. Actually we can use it for a variety of purposes such as design Youtube Covers, Twitter Covers and any type of wallpapers. It’s easy and free. So, here I will guide you to design your Steemit wallpaper. Let’s move to the tutorial,

First of all you need to visit this Canva design platform

  • STEP 1

You should create an account in Canva. Therefore, you can click on “Sign Up” which is located in right corner of the website.


single line art.png

  • STEP 2

Then you can sign up with Google / Facebook or By Email. You have free hand to select any of them according to your choice.


single line art.png

  • STEP 3

As we need to design this wallpaper for Steemit, we have to select custom size option. Then you can include any size as you wish. Here I’ve selected 1900 Width and 256 Height Pixels. It worked perfectly on my banner. After that, click on “create new design”.


single line art.png

  • STEP 4

You will lead to a new tab now. Here you can design your Steemit wallpaper as you like. There are a lot of facilities and option to fulfill our expectations. And also, it’s very simple. As an example, we can click on “Elements” and then search anything in the search bar such as Backgrounds. Here I’ve selected a random background and you can search anything you need. Also, you can upload any image which you have by clicking on “Uploads”

single line art.png

  • STEP 5

After adding a suitable background for your wallpaper, you can add any beautiful text to your wallpaper. For that, youcan click on “text”


Then you can type anything you need like our Steemit user name.


single line art.png

  • STEP 6

There are many more tools which helpful to your banner like Emoji, QR code. For that, you have to click on “More” button.


single line art.png

  • STEP 7

Finally, you can download your Wallpaper. So, you can see the download button in the top of right corner. ( See below attached Image)


single line art.png

Now I think you can get an idea of my Tutorial and I hope this helps you to design an attractive wallpaper for your steemit account.

Below is my Steemit wallpaper which I made with the help of this tool.


my art.png

Thanks for reading.

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