In this post I am going to share my experience about buying a DSLR Camera. 😃

As Photography is my favorite hobby, Today I decided to buy a little bit advanced DSLR camera. So, I found a used canon 650d camera. Mainly, It has rotatable touch screen display and 18 Mega Pixel sensor. We can use any EF Mount lenses with this camera. Actually, before buying this camera, I had some experiences with some other cameras. So, it was a good advantage to select the exact camera for my needs. The touch screen is very sensitive like a mobile phone display. Therefore, it is very easy to handle this camera. I'm not going to share all key features of this camera, but I will share my experience with important points. So, I think it will be a better chance to select a camera for yourself.


When I was thinking to buy a camera, I had decide for which purpose I should buy this camera. I meant, for photography or videography. I wanted a camera for both needs. So, this canon 650d camera is suitable for both photography and Videography. It is a very important question because certain cameras are better for photography and certain cameras are better for Videography. So I think you will also prefer a camera that can do both. If you are only concerned about photography, you can get a camera that is specialized for photography. It will be better than the camera which is made for both purposes So this is the reason why you need to understand for all the points that I will discuss in my experience today.

And also, it is one of my favorite to do wild photography. So, I bought another zooming lens to do that. It is 4.5f ,75 to 300mm canon lens. You have to consider when you are in wildlife and a distant object, you can’t use the kit lens which comes with your camera. You have to use certain zooming lens for doing that.


When we talk about DSLR Camera, we can’t forget that Portrait Photography. If we want to take Portrait photos, I highly recommend to use a prime lens. So, I also purchased 1.8f ,50mm canon lens to do that. We can take very sharp photos from this lens. So, if you are looking for a camera for Portrait Photography, don’t forget to buy this lens. It can make a good improvement for your photos.


I hope this post will be very helpful and you understood what things you have to consider when buying a camera. If you need to know anything else, post a comment below. I will try my best to answer them.

Thank you for your valuable time. 😎

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