WTF! Am I Now Dealing With Some Crazy Cannabis Fungus?




See What I See:


Well, come on now...

Have you ever seen a male ladybug???
ithout spots?

How about early morning Lady procreation?


I can never un-see, neither canou.
(The value of sharing.)


Things you witness as a grower.

~ Rebecca

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How good is this plant there ? :)

02.08.2019 17:35

Very good @foxoit!

02.08.2019 18:22

I hope soon we can use this also in Estonia too 😋😋

02.08.2019 18:46

I’m a little turned on 😆

I think no spots just means he’s a young male so that is a cougar underneath him 🐈

02.08.2019 17:40

Thanks for that clarification @ceattlestretch!

Now, I’m a I’m not, it’s just August and hot outside...

Crank this up!

02.08.2019 18:21

Wait, I thought this was about fungus? Not a bug you named gus, having fun... 😂

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02.08.2019 20:26

It did look like some kind of crazy fungus at first glance...then it got a bit freaky...and made me blush (which is difficult to do, I might add.) lol!

03.08.2019 12:30

MMMMM yes! This post should also be on the dporn frontend, ;)

02.08.2019 21:54


03.08.2019 12:25

Yes! Thanks for jumping on over to the weedcash tag! It would not be a real steem community with out you. I am so excited for the future of the cannabis community! We are fighting spam here as well, and hopefully we can keep this place pure from all the bad things that happen to steem. Now we just need to kill the bad word "marijuana"

02.08.2019 21:56

Well, I just used the tag so far, still have to go and make an account or whatever else I have to do. ;)

03.08.2019 12:46

Well all steemians have an account already. Just got to here, and log in with your steem name and posting key.

03.08.2019 17:25

bahaaa i totally heard some porn music in my head while looking at these pics. Sort of related but not really...i saw a donkey with four balls today..i think his name was Quatro lol

02.08.2019 22:57

You’re speaking my language...
I went to the get groceries....what old person in a wheelchair?

That’s some skillfully crafted time piece you have there. who needs a Rolex when you have a Quatro? (I mean, really?) Swiss-made, pfft...go Italian. Takes a licking, keeps on ticking. LMFAO!

03.08.2019 12:23

Lol there's a guy that comes in to my store and I think of this song when he comes in...the wheelchair one, not the Quatro one lmao

Hope you made out at the grocery store...also hope they weren't selling snake gourds there lol

04.08.2019 14:48

Hahaha! I struggled to think in lbs and not in linear feet. (The day my wholesome memories of quarter rides (when I was 4 and a good girl ) shattered... at the end of my grocery shopping experience. Whole new meaning.) lmfao!

05.08.2019 15:53

It’s not that easy to come up with material. Good thing I’m still a bit stoned from last night ...I really do have to go get groceries...Note to self: Try to contain yourself in the produce section today. You might want to stay away from the zucchini.

03.08.2019 12:39

The teaser for your post was "Nooooo! See What I See: Well, come on now... Have you ever seen a male ladybug??? Without…" so the red dot was already easy to discern from fungus. We appreciate what you were trying to do, though! Hehehe. Keep up the great work!
It's BC Bud Day here on Monday (we celebrate every BC Day).

03.08.2019 07:12

Have fun on BC Day @vantocan!
I am always amazed at the ecosystem I discover and observe on my outside plants. This particular ladybug (without spots) drew my eye immediately. We have a type of conifer tree (in our part of Ontario) that does get a gelatinous orange fungus on it that typically survives for 24-36 hours (if the conditions are right). Visually, this reminded me of it. Witches Butter

03.08.2019 12:59

Maybe it the weed it's been eating having an effect 🤣 . 💯🐒

03.08.2019 07:52

Well, as long as they keep my plants clean, they can do the wild thing all they want. ~ Madame Lady Bug
Lol! Thanks for commenting @vibeof100monkeys

03.08.2019 13:07

right on! 💯🐒

03.08.2019 13:29

Dporn :)

03.08.2019 09:37


03.08.2019 12:42