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Dr. Neil Riordan and his team of doctors

Stem Cell Institute
Panama City, Panama
US Toll Free Phone: +1 800-980-7836 ext 806
mesenchymal stem cells

(Posted to YouTube by: PowerfulJRD on Jan. 17, 2018.)

You need a passport and some diagnostics related to the condition(s) which require repair.

A great use for crypto.

Fixing my shit first, then will help others.

  • First step: knowing the procedure even exists as a treatment option.

Dear Rebecca Noelle Ryan:

Our physicians have reviewed your application and have determined you may be a candidate for Multiple Sclerosis treatment at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama.

Physicians’ Treatment Protocol Recommendation

· 120million expanded allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells (intravenous administration)
· 12 million expanded allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells (perilymphatic administration)
· 2 physical therapy sessions
· Treatment length 4 days

Please, do yourself a favour and watch the first 40 minutes. If it doesn’t apply to you, it will apply for a loved one.

You’re looking at a game changer.

~ Rebecca ;)

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And Mel Gibson ?

20.07.2019 15:16

Yeah, block carotid artery, severe rotator cuff (shoulder damage) complicated by double labium tears and brutal bone spurs.
He has had double injections directly in both shoulders and 1 course of intravenous administration which cleared the arterial blockage in his neck. Mel is in his late 60’s.

20.07.2019 15:39

Game changer, then you should need to drink Coca-Cola or pepsi, find YouTube time 2011.

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21.07.2019 02:34

We hope you're doing well and having a good weekend.
Nothing but the best :)

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