Walk With Me: Inner Expressions of Energetic Alignment In Nature

Yikes! Let me start by saying that I am thinking about and working on some concepts.

If you choose to walk with me today, it is highly probable that you’ll be forever changed.

If this doesn’t bring you some flutter of excitement (in your gut) then, simply stop reading and move on to another experience that does.

Follow your excitement and feel your way along.

I do not have all the language yet, but I (currently think) that it’s more important to learn to hone your ability to feel, first.


In the photo (above) you can feel the strength of an oak tree.

(The experiences are there for those who can change their perspective and allow themselves to feel the emotion and then, to see.)


The best place to safely stow a precious pebble is in plain sight. (Usually, on a beach with a million more.)
It’s scale. The mighty oak is no different in its ability to remain cloaked. Everything is scalable.
~ 3rd degree alchemy.

The oak tree’s presence is easily discernible (among the stand of trees that it resides amongst). This is mostly due to its sheer size, the structure of its branches, how far it can reach and its rate of growth.

It’s easier to appreciate all of this (in our Autumn season) once the oak tree and all the other trees surrounding it, have shed most of their leaves.
It’s majestdifferent from the others and that’s palpable.


I would like to suggest that oak trees record their experience (in time) of their surroundings and they store them. A self-aware intelligence exists within trees.

The oak tree’s process is very similarly to how we can store our collective experiences in blog form and then share those with others who can and are willing to read that stored information.

I would also like to suggest that: code is code.

Oak trees are just like external hard drives that contain “way back machine” components.

The Way Back Machine will let you access old versions of (websites on the internet) before they were Googlized or heavily Appled.

Here’s the dirt, or what you’ll need if you ever need to access the digital WayBack Machine:

(Written by Tim Fisher and updated on Aug.24th. 2019.)

(Bookmark this. It’s valuable.)

Oak trees are special markers in nature because they are the keepers of Mother Nature’s knowledge.

(This was probably one of the reasons why they were used (so predominantly) to build library book shelving. That (and the wood they produce) is hard and strong so it’s often used to build items that need to hold a lot of weight for a long time.)

Just like libraries, oak trees hold knowledge and preserve that knowledge over time.

Walk with me now, into another forest of standing trees...


It is here that we will find another Oak tree in the process of file sharing and information storing.


I’m not kidding.


In the photo (above) you can see the base of this (still fairly young) oak and what the tree is in the process of doing.

Let me get a little closer so that you can See What I See.:


This oak tree knew that the Maple tree (beside it) was finishing its physical life cycle. They communicated. The oak did its job and made a conscious choice to encapsulate the Maple...protecting the Maple’s intelligence from the other elements so that this data sharing and storage could occur.

And we all thought dial-up was slow. Lolz!

A single root of the Maple tree is still visible. It’s like a USB cable.

Obviously, fibre-optics and airdrops are faster.

The point is that this oak tree is using photons that it is collecting from the sun (through the process of photosynthesis) to save the experience and record the existence of the Maple tree...within itself.

WOW. I am fairly certain that could be considered a miracle in the making.

Now, before you have me committed to the 3rd level of the nearest psyche ward...

You might also find it useful to know that there’s a 4th phase of water.


  • liquid
  • gel
  • gas
  • solid

It has something to do with photons, too.

I’ll let Dr. Pollack explain. (Posted to YouTube by Tedx Talks on Sept. 6th, 2013.)

From the duality of 2 (seemingly individual) drops of water to assimilation as they (over a few seconds) become One larger drop.


A water molecule is dlllectric and can rotLike eeeee I mentioned, Ill working on concepts and understanding how to prarrrrractically apply them. ;)

Maybe will allow you to see from a different perspective and trigger thought in you.

~ Rebecca

(Probably morphing into the stoned daughter of ether as I key. Lmfao! Somebody else do the math. I’ll just be over here, blinking into existence as an annoying, but well concealed, pebble in your shoe.)

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05.11.2019 22:06

This is a beautiful piece @marionbowes!
Thank you for sharing it.
First real day of snow for us in ONT.
Hope your world is turning like clockwork. ;)

07.11.2019 13:01

ha ...perhaps. some weather is on its way. buy hey. other than my creaky body telling me its coming it's all good. I am all about weather. After all a Canadian living on the Atlantic coast has to be. We are also completely emerged in renovations. Paint is everywhere. Even my eye lashes. lol. Glad you enjoyed the poetry. I loved it. :))

07.11.2019 14:20