Walk With Me and See What I See: It’s A Long Tail


No, it’s actually a short tale about Pinot which includes his very long tail.

You should also know that Pinot did most of the walking and I use that description fairly loosely because it was more proud strutting and postulating rather than lots of ground being covered by the two of us.

Pinot is a young male Indian/Blue peacock.

Female peafowl are referred to as peahens.


Pinot is one handsome Plantation guard and he really does that particular job.

Males are aggressive and will attack if they don’t like the look of you or, if it’s mating season or, if it’s 2 pm on a Tuesday. You get the idea. They can be unpredictable.

(Posted to YouTube by: Issac Feldman on May 10th, 2010.

They also have a piercing yowl, that they aren’t shy to use.

Pinot is domesticated but roams free wherever he wants, whenever he wants.


He has a large turning radius and although graceful, always needs to leave room for the overhang of his tail feathers.


Can you imagine walking along in the forest and all of a sudden being greeted by a large male peacock?


(Posted to YouTube by Paul Dinning on Feb.14, 2011.)


Pinot has one vice and It’s like crack to him.

It’s food.

More specifically, the stinkiest cat food you can find.

Peacocks love food and they will climb over mountains and sail overseas to get it.


Cocky eh?

No worries, as you can see, I can back it up. ;)

~ Rebecca

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Peacock is looking very beautiful, i am loving the color of blue when disvover some blue color in chemistry lab experiments! Its called peacock blue.

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13.07.2019 03:22

Hi @sheikh27!
That is an excellent example of what we observe in nature being applied in other new world applications. Peacock blue is an unmistakable description of colour which one can only understand, once they’ve seen just what a blue peacock looks like.
Thanks for providing this comparison. ;)
Do you work in a company with a chemistry lab division?

16.07.2019 11:16

What a beautiful bird! I'm not surprised that you have mesmerized a peacock with your siren call lmao.....I have a feeling if it's male, it will fall under your spell ;)

15.07.2019 23:31

Lol! Well, it was going one of two ways.

Either Pinot was going to take the food from my hand or, he was going to attack me (for wearing red).
Red (for many birds) is a colour of aggression and anger. (The same as it is for bulls.)
Little did Pinot know, that I am the caregiver to a raptor...and I know a thing or two about aggressive bird behaviour. Had I known that I was going to cross paths with him, I wouldn’t have worn a dress or that particular colour.
It turned out that the allure of the stench of the cat food was too much to resist...Otherwise you would have seen a very different, quite animated blue hat perched on top of my head trying to remove my eyeballs.
Always taking one for the team. Lmfao!

16.07.2019 17:48

Hi @tamaralovelace,
In perfect Devine Sequencing, the reason our paths crossed.
This restores joint, cord and brain damage. Worth a good shot for Rodney. ;)

Looking at October, but may go sooner.
Get your passports. ;)

20.07.2019 15:07