The Making Of Freeze Dried Raw Apollo 13 Concentrate


I started with 191 grams of wet and raw.


Freeze drying took approximately 24 hours and you can see what the flower looked like when the process was complete.

(Looked just like flower that had been dried and cured.)

After the process, 191 grams of wet flower became:


48 Grams.

No shit!

(You can See What I See (the reading on my scale, that is) with your own eyes.)

I knew it felt light but that’s a fuck of a lot of water weight! Who knew there would be a 143 gram difference !?!

Yeah, so humidity levels were next to check. (Wink, wink...wouldn’t leave you wondering about that little detail.)


(I buy these little humidity meters from China. In their mid range they are surprisingly accurate. Once you get on either end of really low or really high humidity, you’ll start to observe a little less accuracy.)

The freeze dried Apollo 13 clocked in at 10% humidity.

Due to meter calibration it might be 7.5% or 12.5%...the point is, down this low, it’s DRY.

I pressure cooked it next, to decarb it.

(Making the finished concentrate both edible and smokable.)

No one really likes DRY so I added Shine

And Shook.

(Not) All Night Long,


Just 4 minutes and this is my version of

Hillbilly Mountain Dew! Lolz!!!


Extracted to tickle your innards.

As you can see, some pretty amazing colours have been suspended in the residual alcohol.

I am currently evapourating this (alcohol) off under vacuum pressure for 96 hours.

I’ve never observed this red hue before.

Has anyone ever seen this?
(If so, please comment.)

(I have just switched from using a (silicone) evapourating container to a white ceramic container and thought maybe I just couldn’t see it before due to the colour of my previous container.)

Now, crank this tune and Fire up!

(Posted to YouTube by Sivolesko on July 25, 2011.)

Smokin on Somethin alright.

~ Rebecca

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03.09.2019 23:01

Drink, smoke, fire it up.....put your cups up lolol. Hmmm would love to blast that over the intercom at walmart. I see you are putting that freeze drier to good use!

I never realized how much went into preparation of the raw material. It is a true art with much skill and knowledge needed. Hurrah to you!!!

Hey totally not related, but we have had this little hurricane thang goin on down here and power crews from all over north america have come down to be on hand in case we needed assistance. I must say the Canadian men topped the list for hottest looks and the most charm...Oh, Canadaaaa!!!

03.09.2019 23:03

Hi @tamaralovelace!!!!
Hahaha! I hope you blast that tune in your kitchen and get loose with it!
True story:
I let Siri pick some music for me the other day and the fucking AI read me like a book...
She said: “Rebecca, I think you’ll like the Moonshine Bandits”

and the fucker was right.*

They are now my current favourite band and I have found my people!
Who knew that I would have so much in common with a bunch of moonshine making, cannabis growing, Californian country rappers? And I like to stomp?

Hahahaha! Makes me lol for real when I think about it!

Yes, I have been putting the dryer to very good use.
Plus, now have time to do important stuff like work on food preservation for the winter.
The machine is working like a charm and I am very happy with it. So far, I have tackled strawberries, raspberries, black cherries, blueberries, cauliflower, various bone broths and 2 different curries with chicken. All have worked perfectly.

You are in my thoughts as the storm has its way with the land and I hope I can put a smile on your face while you wait it out.

Not related but sooo related: Most of the Canadian linesmen swing long axes...use to hardwood (when it isn’t cold). I’m positive they’re all enjoying the warmth and the hospitality of Florida...and it’s nice to hear that they are using their manners. Their Mommas all tried... ;D

04.09.2019 00:40

The red is CBD.
What effect does not curing the bud have on your finished concentrate?
We love the colour on that hillbilly mountain dew! ;D

04.09.2019 01:16

Hi @vantocan,
Thank you for your words of encouragement and wisdom. I greatly appreciate it.
I don’t know yet...this is completely an experiment on my part.
When I vaped and smoked the FD bud, it was incredibly flavourful because all the water had been removed quickly. I “think” that left fresh terpenes and flavonoids in higher concentration , intact on the buds which made its flavour more intense.
Soon we’ll find out how it tastes as a concentrate and if we can discern any noticeable difference.
Thanks so much for teaching me about the red colour being CBD! It tasted very bitter. (Now that I think of it, I have tasted CBD distillate and I remember it being bitter. )
The picture is what the concentrate looked like with most of the alcohol removed.
It so crazy to think that all this beautifully coloured resin was suspended in that jug of mountain dew.
Have a good night. ;)

04.09.2019 02:42

WOW, So after taking what you need from the concentrate you can use the cannabis again? Like a tea bag but not really. It ends up being lower % but a lot of people including myself, like low thc strains. To top it all off you sourced concentrate! If I am reading it correctly??? I'm not familiar with the exact processes of cannabis to concentrate.. I sure do smoke them though

04.09.2019 06:23

@deardabby420, it’s actually crazier than you think.

I grow my own cannabis from seed.
I ferment my own alcohol and I bring that to an overproof state of 95% (really is my own Mtn Dew.)

I cut these buds right off the plant when they were super sticky and skunky. Then freeze dried immediately.
(Normally, they’d be dried and cured for 6 weeks first.)

Then I extract to make my own fully extracted, full spectrum cannabis oil, reclaim 75% of the original alcohol, and purge off any of the residual alcohol in an oven, under vacuum pressure for 96 hours.

This produces a finished oil that is free of any alcohol.
The original plant material can be soaked and filtered a few times with the alcohol, but after that there is nothing left to extract so the cannabis gets composted.

The finished oil hits upwards of 90% THC depending on the strain. Currently Apollo 13 is the most potent strain that I grow. If her conditions are right, she can reach 30%.
I make many different strengths of oils. I use strains at different potency levels and I blend oils from different strains together.
It gets intricate. Lolz!
Then, I dab or eat it.
If you require lower THC because you get anxiety, paranoia or feel like you’re going to die on higher THC strains, you may have genes that are amping these sensations up. Asian genetics are known to do this. Or, you are just using too much too quickly and are overwhelming and flooding your receptors. You can try taking smaller dabs and smaller inhalations less frequently. ;)
Nice to meet you. ;)

04.09.2019 13:08

Man, It's like F@#$@%$ Science and $#!+ Really really cool. From scratch!

06.09.2019 00:08

I think that It’s super cool, also. Thanks for taking a moment or two to have a look and figuring it out.

06.09.2019 01:59

Hey youre welcome I had tweeted it as well!

07.09.2019 08:51

I'd be more than game to try some Hillbilly Mountain Dew lol

04.09.2019 09:06

Got a few more purging hours to go... hard not to be excited about trying it.... Lol!

04.09.2019 13:16

You're pretty amazing, I love reading your blog. So much I had no idea about.

It is kind of like when I first found out how horrible food was in the US. Now the stuff in my pipe and am smoking with my lighter feels like eating at Mc Donalds, while the stuff you have over there is Organic, Whole Foods.


I want land.

05.09.2019 00:25

Hi @cannawriter!
That’s exactly the way it is!
When I was 33, I was diagnosed with MS.
I had a high profile, corporate job, with a big payroll to make...and lots of pressure to perform. (I thought that was what I was supposed to do.) I worked around the clock, played hard too. I had extreme insomnia. When I ate, my eating lifestyle was all low fat, and empty refined carbs. 0 nutritional density. I was literally the walking dead and 50* lbs heavier than I am today.

I was a miserable fucking bitch, who couldn’t relax her annal ring if she tried.

I quit my job, took a year off while I started the process of teaching myself how to healthfully live, sleep and fuel my body properly.
It took 3 years to stabilize my body’s physical condition.
I opened a small business.
Now, 15 years later, I have just officially sold and retired at 47. (Crypto enabled this and I have been involved for 3 years.)
I have only ever used cannabis and my lifestyle to heal.
No pharmaceuticals.
I am telling you all this because if I can change my habits and turn my life can you. It’s possible.
The garden you see in my backyard is my second outdoor. I grew 4 times inside before I tried outside. I learned from a book and from other growers online.
You can too.

  • launch your book on Amazon and germinate a couple of seeds. ;)
05.09.2019 13:55