See What I See: High Flying At Windfest, 2019


Look up. Way up. Maybe, I’ll call Rusty.


Woodbine Beach, September 21, 2019.


Kites of every size.

It was the perfect application and day for some Super Lemon Haze.

You’ll be thankful for the help the haze delivers.

(Especially, if you’ve got any age on your original joints that you came to this planet with.)

Here’s the useful bit:

Front end loading with cannabis before pain levels rise, let’s you keep inflammation in your control.

You know the actions and activities that will flare your body’s conditions. I am suggesting a pro-active approach (in advance) of the offending repetitious actions.

This concept is foreign to a lot of people.

We’ve been conditioned to run to over the counter pain medications, after the fact.

After the pain breeches tolerance levels which is too late.

Then, you’re chasing that exploding inflammation as it leaks and spreads into nearby tissues. This process triggers your immune system to activate and it puts extra pressure on all your nerves in the areas of highest damage.

All the NSAIDs (like aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen) can do (at that point) is give you a sense that you took action to reduce your suffering. Beyond that, they usually aren’t strong enough to even touch the pain.

As they’re very acidic, if you ingest them on a regular basis, they will eat holes in your gut wall lining and completely disrupt the microbiome of your gut.

In layman’s terms: gut rot.

They aren’t a good long term solution because they cause additional issues for the body, over time.

Back to looking up...




High flying, alright. ;)

~ Rebecca

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