Lake Huron Love


Feel that power?

A quirky fact: I learned to swim right here. (40+ years ago.)

(It’s one of the five Great fresh water Lakes found in the province of Ontario, in Canada.)

Balanced by a calmness of serene diplomacy when the wind blows in the right direction.

Life taking and fierce when it doesn’t.

The undertow is ferocious and many lives have been taken by this lake.

Don’t let the lake’s peaceful demeanour fool you.

You literally can be standing in 2 feet of water and be pulled out and under in one crest of a wave.


It taught me to respect water as an element.


For all those still learning that particular lesson, there is a lighthouse and a Piper to help you reach the safety of the harbour and make landfall.

The sun is piped down until it completely sets.

That’s been happening almost every night from May to November for the last 170 years.


Mind-lulling and beautiful.


~ Rebecca

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Excellent photos, what a beautiful sunset, how beautiful that cloud forms, great shot!

12.08.2019 18:51

Thank you @rosargelisperez!
I took about 50 shots, seconds apart.
That was the best of the grouping and I was shocked at how quickly the scene was morphing in front of my eyes.

I took this shot 2 minutes prior and it pales in comparison.

Wouldn’t even know it was the same night.


Got to love the universe (one song for all.) ;)

12.08.2019 19:14

Awesome photos! Those cloud formations are something. No need to swim, just sit there😍

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12.08.2019 19:20

Hi @immarojas!!!
How’s my favourite Cardiac/Emergency nurse?
Things going well for you?
I just retired. (This is week 2.)
Thank you!
Yeah, I get to this body of water and it’s like coming home for me. Pretty chill, even staying dry.

13.08.2019 15:16

Cool I like this sky :))

27.08.2019 14:05

Orange is my favourite colour because of the setting sun over this lake. ;)

28.08.2019 13:10

Cool .. and this colors make sky also very strong :)

28.08.2019 13:15