Cut Right From The Plant: Freeze Dried Cannabis


Cut some indoor (about 10 days early) to experience what sticky and stinky tastes like, cut directly from the plant and freeze dried.

I placed a bud of Apollo 13 and a bud of Purple Platinum on a tray with raw cauliflower and freeze dried them for approximately 50 hours.

Freeze Drying preserves anything organic. It instantly stops decomposition and degradation at the level of ripeness that the material was processed at. This is because all the water is removed. If you store freeze dried material in air-tight packaging, it will remain viable for 25 years at room temperature without the need for additional refrigeration.

As I have never vaped or smoked freeze dried cannabis before, I‘ve been waiting to give this little experiment a whirl.


I started with vapourizers. (Air Riser Air and a Mighty by Stozs & Bickel)

Individual flavours were detectable.

It was gentle bliss in a warm vapour without any harsh throat ripping.

Grapefruit, menthol, raspberry and rose.


I used a small glass bong next.


Freeze dried cannabis is very light in physical weight. It feels comparable to styrofoam. You can really kick it old school because you can completely break it up with your fingers without the need of a grinder.

Not sure how anyone can valuate this product as a commodity because you’re not going to sell it by cured weight.

Through the bong, the citrus and menthol became more pronounced and I lost the ability to discern the sutler raspberry and rose flavours.

You know, I had to...


I rarely (if ever) smoke joints and I cannot take credit for rolling this...I took my shit and put it in the hands of the best French roller that I know.

Now, this is some fucking satire right here, if you’ll take a moment to See What I See.

A Raw Cone Challenge executed with extra long burning Zig Zag paper. Lolz!

But wait...there’s a little more fun with this rolling tray...


Your highness prefers a filtre so she doesn’t rip her throat or burn her fingers.

Today I learned:

Why beeswax coated hemp wicks are superior joint and bong lighting apparatuses.

I lit the joint with a barbecue lighter. My first draw, was hit with a beautiful black cherry flavour that was ignorantly molested by hints of residual butane fumes.

Off to get a wick.... while I wait for a few more buds to freeze. It’s that delicious. ;)

~ Rebecca

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26.08.2019 19:27

Nice shit post lol. But for real, i never knew you coukd do this! Thanks for the tip

27.08.2019 00:42

Ok @jonyoudyer.... let’s kick this can down the street a bit....What part didn’t you know?

  • that I can run some pretty fucked up cannabis experiments? Lmfao!
  • that If I’m going to smoke, I’ll work my way through a couple of vapes and bong first, before I migrate to paper so that I can fully explore the terp profile of the strain that I am testing because most of my happy is in the way the damn herb smells and tastes to me?
  • that you can add a custom filtre to any size of joint after it’s rolled?
  • that you can taste fuel fumes from lighters?
  • that you can easily smoke freeze dried joints and they taste amazing and different at each level of ingestion and if I stored pre-rolls in an airtight package, they’d offer the exact same taste as the day the buds were cut from the plant?

Newer emerging market perhaps? Blunts with some vintage and back history, like fine cigars. Enjoyed to celebrate special occasions with a premium price. Or, some kick-ass freeze dried concentrate....drool. ;D

27.08.2019 14:11

All of the above and I never want to buy weed from weight again!

31.08.2019 17:39

Hi @cannawriter!

It’s all shady as fuck. I just have resigned myself to the fact that:

If $ is changing hands for this of the parties involved is being screwed.

Usually, it’s the buyer...

so I make a point of not buying from people that I have no relationship with because:

Given the choice, I’d rather be screwed with some sense of familiarity and acknowledgement. Lmfao!

Nice to meet you.. ;D

03.09.2019 18:49

Nice to meet you too. I have been paying so much for pot all my life that sometimes I forget that it is a WEED that grows from the ground. But of course, it is still cheaper than organic apples... ( I think, those suckers are expensive but I've never actually compared).

I really want to try freeze dried pot... and you are right, after I read your comment about lighter fluid, I started tasting it in my stash - maybe I will start using matches.

03.09.2019 19:12

We often learn new things from you :))
Didn't know this. Thank you!

27.08.2019 06:38

It’s a great experiment! Can’t wait to make freeze dried concentrate and press some rosin based on what I could taste in the vapour and smoke. ;)

28.08.2019 12:38

Kinda like the when I moved to Arizona and got my first eight- it looked HUGE because everything dries out so fast in AZ from the lack of humidity. On the east coast we had the opposite problem, all the bags you'd get would look skimped (cuz they probably were) and they were moist as hell for a couple days til you really let the bag sit out.

27.08.2019 08:56

Wow! How do you price that mess fairly? Not enough or too much humidity and all of a sudden weighing it seems counterintuitive.

28.08.2019 12:44

Yeah its one of the dirty tricks in the game- WATER WEIGHT!
The best way to rehydrate super dry weed is with the tortilla method. Take a name brand tortilla, MUST HAVE PRESERVATIVES, and throw one into the bag with the weed- you can increase the weight by up to 10% overnight ;-)

Sneaky AF but you can do this with POUNDS and make some free weed, or extra cash, so this is what a lot of the bigger dudes end up doing sometimes (or the middle men they work with).

28.08.2019 20:23

Tortillas and preservatives to cheat people in weed.

That just makes me dislike tortillas with preservatives that much more...

are we talking corn or flour here.

31.08.2019 17:38

Usually flower tortilla. I would always find little bits of tortilla crumbs in the bag and always thought someone was just eating food while breaking up the weed... the truth is the middle me are cheating the buyers at the bottom levels.

07.09.2019 21:47

lol. You wrote in pun... Flower Tortillas.

I get what you are saying, but really laughed at how you said it.

Thanks for the answer, glad your move is over.

08.09.2019 01:55

brilliant! i like the way i feel about this :D
and thanks about freeze drying and other knowledge! ;)

29.08.2019 00:31

Cheers @trayan! Hopefully you’ll get to try freeze dried, sometime.

29.08.2019 23:51

You're my new favorite stoner, but what is up with the cauliflower?

31.08.2019 17:39

Hi @cannawriter!
Welcome to my blog.
It’s been a few days since the chain would let me reply to you. ;)
This was the first time that I attempted to freeze dry cannabis, so I just cut a few buds and threw them onto a tray of cauliflower to efficiently use my tray space. :)
Cauliflower has nothing to do with freeze drying the herb.
(If my experiment didn’t work, I only sacrificed a few buds to try it.)

03.09.2019 18:46

LOL. Of course cauliflower had nothing to do with it, I must have been high and wanting to smoke cauliflower - I mean, if cauliflower can be pizza, than why can't we smoke it?

Thanks for responding, I missed the blockchain while it was down ...

Happy to be back.

03.09.2019 19:09