Realityhubs update: Our plans to keep the community alive and engaging

Hello all, we appreciate everyone that has backed the project right from just an idea and those that helped share the words to others, through promotion. On this update, we wish to share the progress we have had in the last four days, as well as our current and future plans.

Token sales and staked

So far, over 12,000 RHB tokens have been bought by 82 Realhubbers with 12,521.6 RHB staked on 59 accounts (excluding the @realityhubs account). Also, 864 Steemian has commented on the introduction post for the airdrop at the time of writing this post.

This is quite a huge number in just four days. You may notice a delay when trying to load the introduction post. This is because of the massive number of comments it has. You may continue the trend (Comment and resteem) on this post to get your share of the Airdrop.

The team behind the project.

Realityhubs comprises a team of four like-minded individuals, that share the same mission and vision to see that the community strives to maintain a long-time operation in producing quality contents. And to promote fair reward distribution to the authors.

As you may know, @knowledges is the founder of the project. Other members of the team are @tykee, @excel-lent, @ckole, and @darewealth. We look to grow the team far beyond this, as we need more professionals to join the project.

We want to curate with the community.

There is a need for the token to be distributed to quality content writers fairly. For this to work, consensus votes (upvote/downvote) are essential. We encourage the community to work with us on keeping the platform free from spam, vote farming, and other hazardous behaviors that could make the platform fail.

We have received quite a decent number of posts to Realityhubs, and we are happy about it. However, we noticed that some individuals published contents that are entirely unrelated to our #tag. Contents like this may get flagged immediately with the @reality.curate account. Realityhubs made her platform very broad for everyone to have something to review. Unrelated posts will not be entertained.

RealityHubs Moderation

To give quality content real value and to fight abuse on the platform in a decentralized way, we are adopting moderation processes to scrutinize contents as they get published. If you wish to join our moderation team, kindly get in touch on our Discord server.

Realityhubs moderators will be handpicking the best of reviews for a reward. The @reality.curate account will be used to upvote these contents, as well as use to downvote content that falls under the following category:

  • Spam tag
  • Plagiarism.
  • Vote farming (Vote abuse)

Join us

To ensure smooth processes, we would like to collaborate with like-minded professionals on the quest of making the project a great success.

We need an experienced Digital marketer, Content writer, and Ambassadors in every region. Everyone willing to take these positions should contact knowledges (Smiles’ at all)#3295 on discord. You will get the requirements from him.

The Realityhubs Team.

Comments 34

Great project! I thought I was the only one who noticed the quick growth.....

Posted using Partiko Android

26.07.2019 19:53

I am happy to invest some here. Bought some tokens and staked.

Posted using Partiko Android

26.07.2019 20:15

Very interesting

26.07.2019 21:10

This is amazing

26.07.2019 21:11

This is nice.. Keep it going guys.

Posted using Partiko Android

26.07.2019 21:24

Thank you for this early status report on the project. I am impressed by your openness and great communication. I have bought and staked RHB. I am also posting on my account here and will post review if my experience on my Steemit blog as well.

One issue;
After you post, the next time you try to write a post, the previous one pops up as you tried to edit. I thought it was my error and I hadn’t published the post, so I hit upload and ended up with two identical posts on my blog feed. Now when I write a new post I know the old post will be there and I just click clear the editor to prevent double posting.
That is the only significant issue so far.

26.07.2019 22:26

Hello, @shortesgment. Thank you for reporting this issue. We will look into it and have it fixed as soon as we can.

27.07.2019 04:31

Thanks for keeping us posted, will buy some RHBs soon

26.07.2019 22:44

Just got to know this tribe by a friend

26.07.2019 22:49

Goodluck to this exciting platform!

27.07.2019 00:54

Greetings from Indonesia. We are happy with the presence of Good luck!

27.07.2019 08:38

That's a great initiative! If content creators get support, they will keep making quality content that brings value.

Since it is on Steem blockchain, there are already users who can be active on this platform. And it is an advantage in every platform on Steem blockchain.

27.07.2019 08:50

I appreciate all these steps which will take realityhubs to a more better place. Now, realityhubs has started getting a structured shape in our mind on the blockchain.

... my well wishes for this little plant, all the signs are indicating that it is gonna turn into a giant tree over the heads of a lot of steemians giving them support.

Have a nice day

27.07.2019 11:33


Thank you for taking the time to provide this comprehensive update. It is amazing to see all the progress being made, and I'm sure there's a lot more to come in the near future. So far so good with more than 12K RHB tokens staked on the platform, I hope this number continues to grow rapidly.

It is also great to see that you've managed to put together a strong team of hard-working individuals; the future looks bright for the project. I hope more and more experienced professionals will step up to the challenge and join the RealityHubs team. There's not much to say about the post itself; it sure is informative, and contains all the necessary details. Keep up the good work.

I look forward to reading your next report.

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27.07.2019 17:26

Thank you for your review, @lordneroo! Keep up the good work!

30.07.2019 16:45

Cool project. I like your website and use main front-end as website. Also your growth rate is incredible. I follow you. Resteemed.

27.07.2019 19:15


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28.07.2019 05:22


Why is SCOT parameter issue_token set to false?
No tokens are been issued to any account from your token_account.

29.07.2019 11:58

Hello, there! This was done for a purpose. You can now claim your token.

29.07.2019 16:40

Hello, there! This was
Done for a purpose. You can
Now claim your token.

                 - knowledges

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

29.07.2019 16:40

What purpose?

29.07.2019 16:52

We need an experienced Digital marketer, Content writer, and Ambassadors in every region. Everyone willing to take these positions should contact knowledges (Smiles’ at all)#3295 on discord. You will get the requirements from him.

Hello @knowledges

How can I contact you through Discord? I can't find you.

29.07.2019 22:24

Click on the following link to join our server:

29.07.2019 22:26

I hope I am not late for the airdrops, I will comment coz I guess I can't resteem the intro post anymore. I like what I read and will set buy orders to support your economy. This tribe is something I want to be part of. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

30.07.2019 01:20

Awesome seeing another tribe rising! Where can i get the discord invite to the community? I would love to be part of it!

Posted using Partiko Android

30.07.2019 03:01

Trusting fully in your project and that's why I'm going to stake 100% of my tokens RHB obtained in the airdrop, as I said in the Introduction I think it's excellent.

30.07.2019 04:05

Hope this project will help open source platform rising again

30.07.2019 08:58

This looks good, as I said in the presentation post, realityhubs it's a great idea, I like it.

30.07.2019 19:56

This is a great project, thanks for everything. :)

30.07.2019 23:56

I've read from @knowledges and I know it's with the UTOPIAN-IO project great this initiative and I know it's going to be great project.

31.07.2019 00:12

I have experienced a downvote several times in posts through realityhubs. and some of them I agreed because it was not included in the criteria for posting with the tag realityhubs, I did not protest and accept it sincerely.

But some of the others, especially the ones I wrote in Bahasa, are posts that are in accordance with the criteria in the form of review articles. Finally, in the posts that I wrote in the Bahasa, get downvote from @reality.curate without explanation why.

This incident again weakened my enthusiasm for writing via realityhubs. The above article is a review of investment in Indonesia and could have occurred in other countries, although I did not review more deeply because the focus is not global.

Could you give me argument, why I get downvote for this article @reality.curate?
You cannot arbitrarily burn the hard work of a community member. Thanks so much.

Posted on RealityHubs - Rewarding Reviewers

21.09.2019 00:01