Isn't it easy to lose yourself in the world of a zombie routine?

You may be thinking - what is a "zombie routine"? It means to do the jobs and duties around the house and workplace while not thinking of what you are actually doing. Instead you are in auto-pilot mode, just doing the task at hand because you need to get it done.

BEWARE of this cycle - it will eventually cause you to lose the plot and slowly not care about anything in life. You can easily go in a scenario where being in pj's and having a cup of tea or warm milk at 7pm is your safe place.

I myself am guilty of this and I bet a lot of other halves who go to work while their own better half is at home handling EVERYTHING - may also feel guilty. That is why you may be considerate and not plan too many things alone or with your mates and keeping the better half at home still with the kids to deal with.

Though it is good to be considerate of your better half who is always at home, probably waiting for you to come back and provide them some more mature conversation than talking about why the 2 year old wants pink for their birthday. You need to look after your own health. This cannot be stressed enough.

You need to make sure you head out to the gym or meet with your mates or do your own thing that helps you release from the daily stresses at least an hour a week. Otherwise like me, you will find yourself wanting to be in PJ's as soon as you enter home, count down till the kids go to sleep, eat, clean-up, head into bed at 7.30PM and watch TV till you fall asleep.

After a while, I realised that I am not living life to the fullest in doing this. Hence I will try learn a new skill, play a game, watch a movie, go out and meet a mate or head to the gym and workout. If I had a car that was manual and had a bit of kick, I would even gladly go out for a cruise and blast my favourite songs to relax - though this can be perceived as being a bit "rude-boyish" considering my age.

Anyway - keep searching for that spark in your daily life and don't stay dormant. Get out there before you lock yourself in.


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