AddOn Inline - An electrical motor for Inlines

AddOn Inline

An electrical motor for Inlines



Hunter's comment

Hello dear Hunters, Today I am introducing an innovative and amazing product which is AddOn Inline. AddOn Inline having an electrical motor, remote control and battery which can mounted with Inline skates. It is very easy to use for 16 years and above age persons. You can convert it from manual skating to motor driven skating in less than 15 minutes to just mount this product.




AddOn Inline also calls hybrid skating. You can go to your job with motor and go back home by manual skating.


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14.12.2019 15:00


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14.12.2019 15:01

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14.12.2019 17:20

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15.12.2019 12:57

great hunt, they look super sleek. i wish i could see more people using this tool for mobility, to cover really short distance as opposed to taking a cab, sometimes when one is tired, this can be a great alternative to walking. college, school campuses and large office compounds can be perfect for this.

15.12.2019 05:03

I like skating but never did it because I don't have a skating boot. This skating inline is outstanding and powerful. Few people have this in our country.

15.12.2019 13:03