Puloculinary #97: Having Coffee With Friends at Irori Cafe, Gala Yuzawa Resort


After trying our first ever ski experience in Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort, Japan, we had some coffee at a coffee shop there.


We were very tired, and take our rest awhile at a coffee shop inside the resort building. The name of the coffee shop is Irori Cafe.


It was a very pleasant place. It’s calm and cozy, since there were no many guests at that time.


We ordered coffee and sat at the table around there and we could also sit on the floor.


It’s very clean because the guests must take off their shoes, and put them on locker.

There are also some massage chairs here, we may relax after skiing.


Please remember to visit this coffee shop at second floor of Gala Yuzawa Resort building if you visit this place.


Restaurant Information

Irori Cafe, Gala Yuzawa Resort
1039-2 Yuzawa, Yuzawa-machi, Minamiuonuma-gun, Niigata-ken 949-6101, Japan

Puloculinary #97: Having Coffee With Friends at Irori Cafe, Gala Yuzawa Resort
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