Learn to Love and Accept Yourself - No One Else Can Do It For You

How can we learn to love and accept ourselves? Is it really that much to ask? Can anyone really love themselves?

To learn to accept oneself is to learn the art of connection. The word "connection" itself implies some sort of a connection between our self and God. That is to say, when we accept ourselves we are also accepting God and our relationship to Him. We are no longer alone in this world and that alone makes us rejoice.

Love is not some abstract feeling. It has a concrete reality only when we allow it to be concrete. Learning to love is the very first step in becoming whole as a person. When a person is whole, he or she is able to accept himself and all others and become the provider of love - unconditionally and compassionately.

I know many times we base our worth on the things that we have. But in truth, all things come with an end. They are transient and subject to change. Our worth can then shift to our capabilities. So when we lose something, such as a job, we should not dwell on that loss for long. We should instead try and find something better.

As long as we continue to place value and significance on what we have we will never truly learn to accept ourselves. Acceptance is the very first step towards freedom from self-pity and self-loathing. It is the greatest gift that any person can give himself. If you haven't learned to accept yourself, then you've just learned to live with your lot in life.

So, what is the best way to learn to accept yourself? It's very simple. Just accept that everything happens for a reason - and then go and do something about it! Do not wallow in pity or anger - take action! There is truly no better gift you can give yourself.

Now, it is true that you may find it difficult to accept yourself at first - especially if you have been carrying something around with you for far too long. Don't worry, though - learning to accept yourself comes with practice, patience and persistence. It won't happen overnight. But with some effort, you will be able to do it in no time.

When you were born, you were cast into this world to learn, grow and expand. You were created for greatness. Why not live your life to its fullest? Why not accept the gifts that have been given to you and learn to appreciate them? Why not give back to the world what you have taken freely?

Acceptance is the foundation of true happiness. Without it, there is no happiness - only unhappiness. So make the decision today that you will stop running after your shadow and start embracing who you really are. Only then will you truly love yourself.

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