Is Su-35 better than F-22?

A Russian is telling me that their army claims the Su-35 is far ahead of the F-22 fighter. And he also tells me that the F-22 fighter is best known as a technology in the modern era, but in terms of manuverity, the Su-35 is remarkable. He's telling me that whereas F-22 manuverity rating is 8.5, Su-35 manuverity rating is 9.9


Comparison Su-35 and F-22 Raptor

The Russians can speak, actually, their repression will never go away. That's my point, where is the F22 Raptor (Best Stealth Fighter) and where is the Su-1 with whom? The Raptor can identify any fighter from 400 kilometers away which Su-35 can't do. Raptor range, EW, avionics, weapon forward and above it stealth. Russia will never reach the US.
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