You Get To See It First!

There is more that goes into making a Silver Steem Round then what you think. I think between @edxserverus we have picked the perfect one.


When you first start the die Creation, really all the Mint requires is a clean black and white photo of your design. So as you can see by the above picture, this is exactly what the Mint recieved.

From this stage the image is loaded into a program called coinreals. With out a program like coinreals it would be very hard to determine or even explain to the Mint what you are wanting. Remember there is no black and white color when it comes to silver.


Now Coinreals will allow you to see what areas of the coin should be polished and what should be left a Matte finish. We'll go through a couple of examples below.


As you can see by the first example they have shown a matte circle around the edge of the coin, the wording around the edge of the coin is in a matte finish as well. Not the best in my opinion, lets look at another one.


This one shows an example of the all the detail being a matte finish with the top of the shield being Matte finish as the background. Better then the 1st one but still not perfect.


This one has the wording around the edge of the round perfect, the matte background makes the polished letters easy to read and easy on the eyes. Now the shield and the scales do not look very good on this one but we are getting closer.


This is really good except for one area, the top of the shield looks like it is part of the scales coming out from the sides of the shield. As you can see there are several ways to make this round look different but the same.


This is it, this is perfect, the edging is right, the polished background makes the Matte details pop out, and the scales on the side of the shield now look like they ARE NOT part of the shield. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THIS IS YOUR ROUND. This is exactly how your 2019 Steem Silver Round will look when Minted. @edxserverus and myself agree 100% that the last image of the round is the best looking one of all the coinreals examples.

Not bought your 2019 Steem Silver Round? Then head over to the site by clicking right here there will only ever be 1500 minted. So fo not miss out on this part of Steemit History.


For more information about precious metals visit us at #steemsilvergold.

Thanks for supporting the 2019 steem silver round project.

Have an awesome night, until next....full steem ahead.


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Looks great RayπŸ‘

25.09.2019 23:56

Thanks d510, i think it was the best mix

26.09.2019 00:06

Sexy AF!

26.09.2019 00:36

How many you want Silver Back?

26.09.2019 00:45

I agree the final version is best. Looks great, I hope my coa numbers are available.

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26.09.2019 00:42

They are!

26.09.2019 00:45


26.09.2019 00:59


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26.09.2019 00:43

Ohhh shit! It's gettin REAL now!!! Looks bad ass!

26.09.2019 01:12

It is isn't, turned out real nice

26.09.2019 01:18

Perfect choice. I like it!

26.09.2019 01:28

Thanks Ron! I think it will be an excellent looking round once it is in our hands

26.09.2019 01:58

Looking good. Thanks for the show, @raybrokman! BTW, I dm'ed you.

26.09.2019 01:59

You sure you got the right Ray Brockman cause I dont see no Dm

26.09.2019 02:01

Hehehe.... I apologize... left out the "c". Thanks again!!!

26.09.2019 02:14

Killed it dead buddy β€” the round looks amaze balls!

26.09.2019 02:15

Thanks Super D 😎🍻

26.09.2019 02:17

Damn Ray, that thing is just amazing. I am sooooo excited!

26.09.2019 02:41

Yeah man I cant wait either. 😎🍺

26.09.2019 03:54

Looks Great! You guys have good eyes, if you didn't explain the differences I woulda looked at them for hours trying to tell the difference.

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26.09.2019 02:51

Funny you say that, cause i had to have all 7 pictures side by side before I could tell and see a difference, but I think we got the right one. Thanks for all your support. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š

26.09.2019 03:56

Need to go get mine purchased this week or next week. Was hoping to get my usual 3, but with the price of Steem and SBD so low I just may have to settle with my favorite 1.

26.09.2019 11:06

I love the final One. Thanks for letting pointing out the subtlety of the different variations.

30.09.2019 02:50

i always love this part of the process my favourite bit is seeing the die and the updates on progress, each update is like a group hug moment \o/

30.09.2019 22:39