Steem Silver Round

Ever thought you could hold a Steem Coin?

Happy Sunday to the Awesome steemit community, powered by the steem blockchain. What a great social media platform with endless opportunities.



When it comes to Steem a lot of people instantly think of steemit, which is one of the reason the steem blockchain was created but Steem is so much bigger than steemit. With all the dapps and games that have been created, Steem is starting to have a purpose other than steemit. What if one day the world ran off of the Steem Blockchain?


One of the awesome benefits to steemit is the micro communities that have been started. One of those is #steemsilvergold. Its made up of people all over the world that have a passion for STEEM, SILVER and GOLD. realizing that the current fiat system is broke, this community spends its time promoting Silver and Gold as a simple but smart hedge against the current Monetary system.


One of #steemsilvergold original members had the brilliant idea to create a Steem Silver Round.

What Better way to support Steem then Making a Silver round that actually carries value that you can hold, @sevinwilson idea was born. Making the Steem Silver Round an investment that would always hold its value. The mintage was small and very limited compared to the number of steemians. The Steem Silver Round series was started in 2017. We are currently in our 3rd release of this series.

2019 Steem Silver Round

This is the 3rd release in this series and it is currently on sale with a limited mintage of 1500, this 1 oz .999 Pure silver round is simply amazing and a must to any steemian that is passionate about the steem blockchain. What better way to fuel your passion for steem, with a Steem Silver Round.


Where do you Order?

Just simply go to click on the Steem Round and decide how many you want. At check out you will have the choice of paying with PayPal, Bitcoin, ETH, LTC and of course Steem. The Steem Silver Round will only be on sale until the 15th of October, at that point you will have to buy it from the secondary market or wait for the 2020 round to come out.

Screenshot_20191006-173739_Samsung Internet.jpg

What better time to take advantage of the current undervalue of both Steem and Silver then with a Steem Silver Round. Don't be a " I Should have " Be a " I am glad I did".

Thanks for stopping by, have an awesome day!

Here that link one more time

It's Time to Power Up!!!


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For real, Ray. Not only is this cool STEEM memorabilia, but it will also hold it's value as 1oz of pure silver so, even if someone buys one now then gives up on STEEM, they can still trade it in for about the same amount of money as they bought it for!!

Try to do THAT with a t-shirt!

I'm glad I got one!

07.10.2019 00:15

I don't even have a t-shirt.!!!!🤣🤣🤣😎👊

07.10.2019 00:42

Yeah.... steem that you can hold, and therefore you REALLY own!!! Great article, @raybrockman!

07.10.2019 00:22

Thanks saver888 😎👍

07.10.2019 00:42

I already ordered 3 but Im thinking about grabbing a few more but I dont want to pay shipping cost twice. Is there any way around this?


07.10.2019 00:45

Yep, just let me know, I can get you a free shipping code.

07.10.2019 01:16

Yes please do. I'm going to order at least one more, maybe even two so if you want to send me that code to me on discord moderndayhippie#6053 or since you already have my email on file from my last order that will work too, Thanks :)

07.10.2019 09:48

In sure glad I did. Can't wait to hold the 2019 version in my hand! 3 years... Amazing.

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07.10.2019 01:43

It will be a sweet reward, 3 coins that truly represent steemit

07.10.2019 02:05