Oriental beetle

Hi, my friends, this morning I am again in a garden where I am with my family to clean the grass in the garden which is for cleaning activities in the holy month of Ramadan.

Friends of Steemit wherever they are and friends of Steemit in how many days I rarely post pictures, yes, maybe I'm visiting the family in the village

This morning, my friend of Steemit, I just want to post a picture of an Oriental beetle insect, where we might see a lot of these stars.

Oriental beetle is an animal. This insect has a mouth tip, and is generally an animal that feeds on the phloem part of plants. These insects are often found in legume plants. recently recognized as a soybean pest

Steemit's all-possible companions of these animals are often found in small groups on the stems, young shoots and flowers of the host plant.

Maybe this is all I can explain, maybe it can be useful for us all, thank you





Semangat pagi

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13.04.2021 22:27