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From the very beginning we have planned to do these charity projects and reach our budget withing 3 months. But, with the help of everyone we have reached it within one month and we are making our plans into actions these days. There were 3 projects planned or this initial phase. You can find details here.

The Project Balangoda has completed by @madhumunasinghe and Monaragala Project has completed by @damithudaya and @prasadi. There were so many people who helped with them.

SL Charity | Project Balangoda | Successfully Finshed with lifetime memories | Part 01

SL Charity Phase 01 | Project Monaragala Finished With Bringing New Year Smile For Five Families

It was day for us! Today we have Completed the project at Elpitiya

There were 5 Families that we have selected with the help from Sri Sumangala Thero from Gam-ima Sri Sudassanarama Viharaya. As for our culture it doesn’t matter which economical level you are in, people are blended with the temple. So it was the best way to find the families in need.

In the morning we have gathered at the temple and started to visit families after making an order to visit them.


Family 01

First, we have visited the family who were in 3rd of our list. They were in a corner of my village. It was 5 member family with 3 kids. And the youngest was so young. He even took the marshmallows packet even before we came. The two girls have decorated their home with some paper crafts and I felt that even they have many difficulties they are trying to be happy from what they have.



Family 02

It was other side of the village and their home was built on a hilltop. So we had to walk a little bit. From what we could see, it was an old house, they told that government helped with renewing the roof a while ago. They had 3 kids at home and as they have told us, the eldest girl is clever in her studies. When it was time for us to leave, they thanked us with heavy hearts.




Family 03

This is family is in the nearest village by our village. And it was little journey for us to reach their home. They have 6 kids in different ages. We have spent some time there and talk with the women named Malani since there were only she and the youngest were at the home. While we speak with her, what I understood is that she is a rich person in heart even she has difficulties in her life. She is trying her best for making a better life for her children. And she told that his means a lot for her.



Family 04

Then we had to visit next family little bit far from the 3rd family. And the sister of Malani came to help us find the way to this family. Their dad wasn’t at the home because he have gone for work. Their income comes through their father and elder son. Soon after completing his exams he has joined for work so he can help with the family. There were two girls and two little boys at the home that time. Girls were shy to face us. And their mother spoke with us. Then we left to go for our final destination.



Family 05

This home situated a little far for our area as for the information we got. We went there and called them to ask the exact place of the home. A woman and a little girl were at the home. A little boy came after we reach there. They have came to this village because they have relatives here. And live in a house for a rent. The women told that she raise 5 kids including her own and her sister’s kids. It is not easy to raise kids and send to school everyday.



This was a experience for a life time, what we have seen and what we have heard witness that there are lots of people who are in need, if we can give them a little help with there lives they will reach to a better position. Specially with kids. When parents will help them to learn as much as they can, a little help will mean a lot for them.

Today I have seen the happiness and joy of these peoples and I have seen and felt the happiness of our little group when we could share what we have with them 💖.

I know this much from the experience we got, this will not end from today. That we will help people in need as much as possible, wherever we live. We will stand with people in need.


I want to thank all of my Steem Sri Lanka member who have worked so hard to make these people happy 🥰.

CC: @steemcurator01

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You guys have done a noble thing. I also hope to participate in the future. ☺️

11.04.2021 17:33

I was a great pleasure to see them happy.

I also hope to participate in the future. ☺️

for sure. let's go for next event together.

11.04.2021 17:52

I'll definitely come. No more tolerating

11.04.2021 17:55

good boy 😁.

11.04.2021 18:31

Welldone guys 🥰🥰
Those families will spend the newyear happily

11.04.2021 17:54

yes. We could see their happiness 💖.

11.04.2021 18:31


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12.04.2021 09:00

A heartfelt thank you to the Steem Sri Lanka team for this charitable activity. Also a lot of members have participated. May this program be even more successful.

12.04.2021 11:58

It was a great happiness to make those people happy. This is not only the effort of us. Lots of Steemians have helped. Thanks for everyone for helping to make this a success 💖.

12.04.2021 12:48

You guys have done an awesome job. Happiness you gave them is priceless!! ❤🤗

13.04.2021 02:58

That happiness we saw in their eyes 🥰.

13.04.2021 03:29