SL Charity Phase 01 | Project Elpitiya | 10% for SL Charity

Hi Steemians,

Since the day that Steem Sri Lanka Community announced about SL-Charity Proposal so many Steemians have help to achieve our goal. Not only members of Steem Sri Lanka, but also many others have helped us. So here we are at the Phase 01 of our Project even before we Planned it to.

For the phase one We are Launching 3 main projects in 3 different places.

SL-Charity Elpitiya : @rasinkani
SL-Charity Balangoda: @madhumunasinghe (event 1) @thimira (event 2)
SL-Charity Monaragala: @damithudaya

The first event has lead by @madhumunasinghe on 06.04.2021 at Ratnapura Pinnagalakanda Vidyalaya.

And the next event will be lead by me with the help of @randulakoralage, @sandu, @sandupi, @anusha96,@dasuni, @sandun98, @supunchandra, @ashen99, @damindu, @roshipeiris,@sasanka96.

Screenshot (861).pngCenter of the Village, The Temple

Selected Place – Gam-ima Village Which situated 5-6km away from Elpitiya.
Proposed Event – Select five families with school kids who has financial difficulties. Provide Books and some stationaries for kids and a pack of foods for the family to celebrate the upcoming new year in Sri Lanka.

Background of the Event

Gam-ima is a developing village and there are many families who have financial difficulties with them. Manly people do work as worker for local landowners of cinnamon growing. And there are many varieties of Labourers. It is not enough for their living what they earn by their work.

We have Selected five families with most need and these are the facts we have considered,

  • There must be at least 3 school kids
  • Kids who are talented in learning and parents who give support for education
  • Those who have financial difficulties in fulfilling needs

  • There are,
    Members of all families – 36
    School kids – 23

    These 23 kids include 6 primary level kids, 14 secondary level kids and 3 advanced Level kids.

    IMG-20210408-WA0001.jpgSchool of the village


    IMG-20210408-WA0005.jpgA house of a villager

    Proposed event

    First we have discussed and confirmed the idea of the event among members of SL Charity. And we have decided on a list of stationaries and foods that will need for kids and their families.

    We have collected the details of families with the help of Sri Sumangala Thero in the Gam-ima temple. Sri Sumangala Thero also helped with the selecting families who is in need.

    CamScanner 04-07-2021 19.01_1.jpg

    CamScanner 04-07-2021 19.01_2.jpg

    Lists of Good and Estimated Cost

    Total budget will be LKR 52,805 for completing this event.

    Objective of the project

    There are many kids who have enough skills but does not have enough facilities to achieve their goals. So we thought of giving a support for them as a group of people who have the ability.

    Time Line

    Idea confirmation – 3rd April
    Gathering details – 7th April
    Preparing List and Cost Estimation – 7th April
    Buying and Packing – 10th April
    Event day – 11th April

    We will go to the homes of these people and meet them at the day.

    Anyone who is interested is welcomes with warm hands. And you can join with the Telegram group also.

    Thank you everyone for the continuous support. Stay with @steem-sri.lanka for the updates.

    Special Thanks to @steemcurator01 for the great support given to us.

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    This is why I love this community, keep the good work.

    08.04.2021 10:09

    Thank you so much

    08.04.2021 12:39

    Total budget will be LKR 52,805 for completing this event.

    🤗🤗🤗 They will have a good Sinhala and Tamil New year this time😍😍😍 So excited. My father will also join.. And more than that we all can meet together for this good deed..😭 So excited

    08.04.2021 12:29

    They will have a good Sinhala and Tamil New year this time

    Yeah.. this fill make few more families happy this year 💖.

    And more than that we all can meet together for this good deed

    yeeees 😁. wait for a little surprise.

    08.04.2021 12:40

    Thank you for leading our second event of the charity project phase 01. The expected cost for this event is already transferred to your bank account.


    Good luck with the event and hope you will do your best.

    08.04.2021 13:18

    Received it. Thank you so much for the support and the guide as a Community ❤.

    08.04.2021 14:13


    08.04.2021 14:15


    08.04.2021 14:47

    I wish i could come too

    08.04.2021 14:59

    Me too.

    08.04.2021 15:18

    Looking forward for the event ❤

    08.04.2021 18:02

    Yeah.. Can't wait 🤗

    09.04.2021 01:59

    Second project ❤️🥰. Wish you all the best everybody!

    08.04.2021 18:58

    Thank you @madhumunasinghe 😍. And you guys have done great work in project Balangoda ❤️.

    09.04.2021 02:04

    It is so nice that we can take part in such a good work. Looking forward for the day😍

    08.04.2021 19:22

    Let's do this 🤝

    09.04.2021 02:10

    Unfortunately I can't be there with this event. Hope to join next time. Good planning with excellent guidance. Hope to see you all in charity event 11th April.

    09.04.2021 00:45

    Hope to see you in next event. And thank you ayya for the support given to us ❤️.

    09.04.2021 02:11

    Desde el momento en que vi esta comunidad me dio curiosidad ver cómo era su país, descubrí que tienen un país muy bonito, además de que es una isla. Y lo que más me llamo la atención es que tiene forma de corazón. Pero de corazón humano.❤️ Y creo que ustedes son de buen corazón. Está es una comunidad muy bonita y unida. Pronto pasaré a ser más que amigo. Felicitaciones.

    10.04.2021 04:42

    Thank you so much for good words . Love of our Hearts make people more closer and make people understand each other 🥰. It is so important as for my opinion.

    10.04.2021 11:24