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I hope all my friends will be well, may God bless everyone with a healthy life So the kids were talking to each other that today is his birthday. Today we will party together at night.

Maybe the children knew a long time ago that today is Abdul Hadi's birthday, so all the children got up early this morning. It was also true from above that today was a holiday, so there are a lot of people. When I woke up in the morning, seeing all this, I didn't know anything at first and I went to the mosque, prayed there and then went out for a walk as usual. After exercising, when I got home, you sat down with me and They started talking and asking me, "Uncle, tell me, today is a special day. You know what that special day is, so I was surprised. I don't know what special thing the children know today, but I do not know
After thinking for a while, I also remembered that today is Abdul Hadi's birthday. Today was the day Abdul Hadi was born, so I didn't even tell the children before. During the day, all the children found out

So when I told all the children that today is Abdul Hadi's birthday, all the children started telling me that tonight we have to have a party in which we will celebrate Abdul Hadi's birthday with great joy. We promised him that today will be a special day and all the children will remember Abdul Hadi's rejection. With that, we started preparations for his birthday in the morning and all the children were very excited. All the children. Worked with me and decorated the house and couldn't even order the food myself. Because of the corona virus we had to make all the arrangements at home and I couldn't do anything alone. All the kids supported me and we People made a lot of food including chicken pakoda biryani and qeema kebabs and many more. The children helped me a lot in making all this.

We made all these things at home and it took a lot of hard work. After that we worked all day and when it was night all the children went to their homes and started preparing and brought gifts for Abdul Hadi and themselves. There were so many cute ones ready that they looked very cute. All the children played some games of their choice together and had a lot of fun. After doing all this, there was a smile and Abdul Hadi's birthday. The eighth was born of one and all the children were very happy and then the next stage started which I gave which is also Abdul Hadi Has been gifted

I gave the gift to the children and they liked the gift a lot because we were working all day so we didn't have time, so I took the children's shopping mall the next morning and went there. When he bought the clothes of his choice, he was very happy and all the children I gave him were also very good and wished him a happy next year and it was not the end of his happiness and he gave me I have never celebrated my birthday like the one I have today. I said if you are happy, what could be bigger than this? Today is a special day for you. So you said to him, "Come on, we are all very happy to see you happy."
Today was a very busy day, we worked all day from morning till late at night and we didn't have time to sleep, so when our function ended, then all the children and all the people of the house fell asleep. It was a very busy day after which everyone decided to go to bed, so today I share with you that this diary was very special and I hope for both me and the children. You must have liked me
These were the people who brought the other children. You must have been surprised to see this video. Of course I was also surprised because because Abdul Hadi is a boy, the gifts are for all the girls. When I asked him, his parents Asked what you have brought, this is a group of girls, so their parents told us that all the children went and liked the gift there, so we also told the children that Abdul Hadi fights, so you We like this and we have to give this gift to our friend, so the children start to be stubborn, they take what they like, they take what the children like. He liked it and they packed it and gave it as a gift to Abdul Hadi and when we opened it we were also surprised but Abdul Hadi liked it very much and he said that they have brought my friend. Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first

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My dear friend, I read your post. Happy Birthday to you and the way kids celebrate their birthdays. Just keep laughing and smiling happily. May Allah keep them safe and your post is very welcome. Well, you did a great job

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Salam o alikum steem future member @rashidlilive

Your photography really amazing like a food shooting thanks for sharing your experience with this community future

12.04.2021 16:48

Hello friend! Your post about better life is very nice and informative. I appreciate your photography very much. Keep it up.

12.04.2021 16:53

Great photography nice post and thanks for sharing with us your information and excellent work

12.04.2021 16:57

Your diary is very good. Glad to see us, keep making similar diaries.

12.04.2021 17:15