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Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are well. Next day was very important for me because today was also important for Yemen that I have been waiting for a long time.

Today Carrie is so special that I have written not about anyone but about my life. Everything I am going to tell you today is also about my own personal life, how I lived my life. I come from a poor family and we have four brothers, two sisters and our parents love us very much. They tell us that despite being poor, we gave our children a rich life and they don't lack anything. Let it come
We kept ourselves hungry but we never let our children go to bed hungry or that is why we should respect our parents. My parents served their parents and they expect us to serve our children as well. And inshallah we are also living with the hope that whenever the opportunity arises we will serve and support our parents and our parents tell us that the children of the people I used to go to study with rich people, so we also sent you to the school where you went to study

My father who worked hard and my grandfather Abu also worked hard and my father worked with him. After his death, more responsibility fell on my father and may Allah give health to my father. Worked hard and we all Raised siblings well and taught in good schools and we did not feel that we belong to a poor family. We lived like the rich while our parents lived a very hard working life and this brother who is with you Looks like this is my youngest brother who is the youngest in the house so everyone loves him very much my parents also love him the most because he is the youngest in the house
We used to live in a rented house but my parents worked hard and bought us a nice house in which we now live and live a comfortable life and then when we grew up all the siblings Have worked hard and are working in a good good place and now our goal is to make the life of the parents a comfortable life and give them rest at home whereas now it is our duty to work hard and keep them at home Let them rest and serve them and Allah Almighty says to serve the parents
This is my father because of him we are living a peaceful life today. If my parents had not worked hard, we would be living in slavery today and working for someone because of their hard work. From today we are doing our business, studying in good schools and getting up and sitting among good people and that is why we have a good place in a society and may Allah give them a long and healthy life and their Let the shadow rest on us Parents are a great blessing of Allah Almighty because only man can live life easily and voluntarily as long as his parents are alive and
The happiness of a person is fulfilled only by the earnings of the parents, while the necessities of life are barely fulfilled by the earnings of the parents. The parents should be valued and their service should not be diminished. Never speak loudly to them while attending service
If you honor your parents today, your children will honor you tomorrow
It was my turn today. I hope you like it

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Assalamu alaikum bro you dear game is very nice and interesting you are looking very beautiful in white shirt while playing the cricket and also if photography you have collect is very nice thanks for sharing such a nice post thanks

08.04.2021 18:33

Thnks brother

08.04.2021 18:52

So beautiful photography with beautiful memories @rashidalilive thanks for sharing your experience post with this community

08.04.2021 19:01

Dear your post is very nice bro you dear game is very nice and interesting you are looking very beautiful in a white shirt while playing cricket thanks for sharing your experience post with this community I like very much

08.04.2021 20:08

Nice post.Allah you Success at work.keep it up

09.04.2021 16:28

Family is as important to man as life is to man. In the family, mother and father are siblings and close relatives.

09.04.2021 16:45

Playing test matches is my own fun I love cricket too I watch cricket with great hobbies I liked your post very much

10.04.2021 03:29

What's up man you have a great post

10.04.2021 18:50