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#thedairygame batterlife 12.04.2021

I hope that all my friends will be well. I was busy today. When I came to the mosque to offer prayers, I was there. Then I realized that the month of Ramadan is approaching, that is why people are becoming more and more attracted to worship.

It is a strange thing that I have noticed that people do not worship as much as they do in the month of Ramadan. I do not know why. And so it is that all year long people are busy with their work and the call to prayer is being made but still people do not come to the mosque and worship but when the month of Ramadan is approaching two people start praying Let's start praying. It is good to offer prayers. It is good to recite the Holy Qur'an. Are alive Worship Allah Almighty, which is not a bad thing. If you worship Allah Almighty, the best thing about it is that after every prayer, if you perform ablution before the prayer, your body It is cleansed of filth and after praying the heart feels calm and it feels like we have pleased our Lord but I have to say sadly when I reached the mosque today there were not as many people as there were It used to happen before, we used to have ten people together, but today there was not enough space in the mosque because the month of Ramadan has come, so people are turning to the mosque, may Allah Almighty help them all to come to such a mosque And then after praying in the mosque I went out and today I found a man whom I am very happy to see.

The boy you see with me in this picture is not an ordinary boy. I am very happy to see him. He is a very hard working boy. He is a Pakistan International Kabaddi player who has represented Pakistan in many countries. He is also a very kind man. He is a happy man. Being an international player will keep your attitude separate from the people .
It's still very popular with people today, just like it used to be before they got international fame. The special thing about it is that there is no pride in it and when I met them today, I was very happy and we ate them. He gave a party in his honor. He came back to Iran after playing kabaddi and my brother gave a very good party there, which is why he had arranged a very good dinner for the party.

Playing for your country is not an easy thing. It is a great honor that you are playing for your country and the whole country has chosen you and you live up to their expectations when we asked them. Asked how easy it is to play at the international level. They are coming on TV and the whole world is watching you.
Because kabaddi is played at the international level, it is shown live on TV when they have matches, that's why we asked them if the whole world is watching you What are your feelings then? He said that representing a country is not an easy task. You people are happy to see it on TV and whenever our performance is bad, people abuse us. It is a great honor to play for a country, but it is so difficult that you have to work hard and make your country famous and that is why we work hard all year round and that's it. That's why our kabaddi federation has foreign coaches for us who train us and take care of our food and drink, that's why imams perform so well.

He is the younger brother of Mudassar Bhai. His name is Moaz Shah who is a very good player. He is also learning Kabaddi like him and Mudassir Bhai says that very soon he can also play Kabaddi from Pakistan International That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there Mudassar Shah himself is working hard that Badshah has played for Pakistan International but due to the corona virus he is not playing in Pakistan yet which is hurting the players as the foreign coaches have gone back to their country and their The training is now self-help and they are facing a lot of difficulties and Mudassar Bhai was telling us that our life is not so easy. We people do not eat and drink the same. There are a lot of time constraints and even in food we are neither given more food nor given less food. It is estimated that we eat so much in a day and more than that we are trained which Due to our body is enough which is why we can play this kabaddi
We ate and talked together and after the meal Mudassar had to go back to his house so we gave him permission and he went to his house and we also went back to our house and Today we spent the day with Ansar Bhai who we enjoyed a lot and stayed with him all day today and he is also thankful that he took the time to spend time with us because an international player who If he goes, people will not spare his life. They gather around him and take autographs and selfies from him. That is why today Mudassar Bhai Took time for us and stayed with us all day so we were very happy it was mine today and today will be very much missed because today is the day i spent with an international player and How they are living their lives and they also told us that you people should also work hard. No human being is normal. Every human being has to have something. If he used it properly, he would reach this place. That is the whole country Mudassar Bhai said that when he first played Pakistan Kabaddi, his feelings were such that tears of joy came out and he could not believe it. He was representing pakistan so he told us just keep hoping the rest is up to allah he does whatever he does better i hope you like me i will remember in prayers .

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I saw your post. Your post is very good and you work very honestly and you tell us in great detail about everything in the world. You are very hardworking.

12.04.2021 18:21