Do not Click & Share your Master Key! Scam/Phishing!


After logging in for a few minutes, I noticed that my posts were increased to 380. I am not the one who's posting on your articles under the comment section after checking my activity on I felt the trap. The website that was given on the image above was a scam/phishing website. The hacker already has my master key and they will not stop posting on the comment section. I already flagged that comment from my article hoping they would remove it and other comments posted by the hacker. My apologies if I disturbed your day and I recommend that you would do the same.

  • Flag on the comment by clicking on the flag icon.
  • On your notes, enter Spam/Phishing.

Then let the administrators review it so they can remove the comments.

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You need to change your steemit password which will give you new keys. Save those keys in a safe place. On a flash drive works well. I keep mine in a free encrypted password safe, and on my personal cloud server in an encrypted account.

For anyone who reads this: if there was an air drop (which there is not) no key would be necessary to receive it. The tron network has your username and that is all that is needed.

03.03.2021 15:18

@rapsantos have you changed your master passwords and changed all of your keys?

23.03.2021 06:50

If you come to check his post, the comment by this user is not by the owner of this account. This account has been compromised, I hope he will come back and changed all of his keys soon.

25.03.2021 07:50

This user has been hacked!

He still could not get his account back!

25.03.2021 11:53