Weekly contest:poetry game:steem poetry:by @raphchi

My fellow steemians i greet you all,i am here to participate in the poetry game today introduced by @dobatim


Twinkle twinkle,little star how above and what you are,up above and wall so high like a diamond in the sky.

I saw a little two black birds,sitten on the wall,one name peter,one name paul, oh fly away peter fly away paul,oh come back two little black bird and sitten on the wall.

Pussy cat,pussy cat,where have you been,have been to the hospital to see the doctor,doctor for what,doctor for medicine,medicine for what,medicine for coffin,are you coffin,ah ah ah ah,couph let me see you,ah ah ah ah ah ah.

Solomon grundy,born on monday,christain on tuesday,married on wednesday,took heal on thursday,died in friday,buried on saturday.
This is the end of solomon grundy.
I hope you love.Thank you all for reading this beautiful poetry.

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Good effort .

10.05.2021 06:13

Thank you sir

10.05.2021 13:25