The Latest Way of Stealing Your Keys ⚠️⚠️


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So far I have studied different ways of stealing keys using scam links. The way of presenting the link is different, but the underlying process is always the same. The recent one is the comment which is about voting exnihilo.witness. Everyone knows exnihilo.witness who shares his witness rewards among supporters. This knowledge causes to simply attracts people to click the link given.

Let's go through the process.

This is the comment that you see :


The first smart observation you must make is, the commenter is not exnihilo.witness.

If you right-click and copy the address behind the link, you can see the following link. I have edited all links to avoid you clicking them mistakenly.

This link will take you to a website called,

This is what you should see

Now to grab 100 STEEM, people tend to click on the 'VOTE NOW' button. It opens a modal for you as given below.


Now, I inspect this element to know the link behind it. Right-click on the page --> inspect . You can see something familiar.


If you don't remember why it is special, you have to read more from this article : Check the URL First, Before Submit Your Data . I have seen this URL with multiple dresses from time to time.


This time, this URL is dressed as steemconnect which is no longer in action. The user name and password taken by you is passed to an endpoint called do.php . The data can be saved in a database or a spreadsheet from the do.php function. In simple terms, you are sending your keys and username to someone else to do whatever he wants.


So that we must pay attention to not to give username and password for any unknown login except authorized logins by steemit.

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This is very important. Thank you for sharing this..

23.06.2021 13:46

Newcomers should aware of this well. it's better ask from any responsible steemian before doing any unfamiliar thing in here 🤗🤗 Not only newcomers, even to us can be click unknowingly this harmful links. We all should be careful always.

23.06.2021 14:30

This is very important for us. Thank you akkee ❤️

23.06.2021 15:08

Thank you for sharing💕 I am so scared of these kinds of things🥺

23.06.2021 16:09

I was one of the victims of the hackers, just escaped from loss of account. Thanks for sharing such a great lesson

23.06.2021 16:54

Thank you very much.

23.06.2021 16:55

It is very important to know about these things.Everyone has to protect themselves from those dangerous links. Thanks Randula

23.06.2021 17:24

Excellent investigative work! Thank you! Hopefully, we can limit the amount of damage that this hacker is attempting to create by spreading the word.

23.06.2021 20:46

Thanks for sharing ☺️

24.06.2021 01:16

This type of explanation is very very importent to us.. Really Thank you so much @randulakoralage

24.06.2021 02:26

Thank you for sharing this

24.06.2021 08:24

Thanks for sharing this akka. I find it really helpful as I am still a newbie here.

24.06.2021 11:23

Thank you for sharing such a valuable information.

25.06.2021 11:13

That's exactly how it happened. Learned. All is well again ;-))

25.06.2021 13:53

very useful article ..Thank you for your guidance . 😍😍

27.06.2021 09:38

What a idea!
Thanks dear for sharing the details, we need to more careful.

28.06.2021 14:22

This is very informative, Especially for the newcomers like me, Thank you!

01.08.2021 21:27