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This is the updated active community list on 28th March 2021. This new list included new communities that started after the last community list and only include communities with more than 10 active users.

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Name|Description Given by Community|Admin
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Country Based Communities

Country-based communities are the best way to support newly joined members of particular countries. Following country-based communities are ordered alphabetically. The following list contains 20 communities.

Country Specific Communities

Name|Description Given by Community|Admin
Best of India |This community is to encourage Indian friends and spread awareness about steemit.| @rishabh99946
Italy |All about Italy. Culture, travel, landscapes, monuments, nature, archeology, music, and everything you want to write| @sardrt , @girolamomarotta
Japan Community |Steemit user living in Japan or from Japan.|@cryptokannon ,@tomoyan
Korea • 한국 • KR • KO | 스팀잇 Newbie들과 OB들의 만남| @jaydih @ukk @jayplayco @donekim
Latino Community |Genuine and authentic and oily content.| @ecosynthesizer
Steem Africa |Encouraging peace and bringing African minds together. No matter what, Africans are one. One love beyond d coast.| @beautychicks
Steem Bangladesh |We are continuing our efforts to bring a Big population of Bangladesh under this platform| @toufiq777
[Steem-BRU (BY-RU-UA)]( |The Community of Three Countries: Belarus — Russia — Ukraine|@antorv
Steem Cameroon |Connecting Cameroon Steemians with different cultures, ideas, and knowledge that one would never encounter alone.|@njiatanga , @saxopedia ,@steem-cameroon
STEEM CN/中文 |STEEM中文| @ericet
Steem Ghana |Empowering Engagement Among Ghanaian Steemians|@oppongk , @njaywan, @steem-ghana
STEEM NIGERIA |A community of Nigerians on the steem blockchain. Here, every Nigerian can post, comment and curate.| @greatness96
STEEMIT PAKISTAN |For All active Pakistani members. We love and appreciate quality content that is original. You'll have our full support.| @haidermehdi
Steemit Philippines |Ang Steemit Community na ito ay para sa lahat nang mga Steemian na Filipino sa buong Mundo.| @steemitphcurator
Steem SEA |Steem Community in South East Asia|@anroja @steem.sea
Steem Sri Lanka |This community is to gather all Sri Lankans into one place and help each other| @randulakoralage
Steemit-Türkiye |Türkiye Grubumuza Hoşgeldiniz | @e-r-k-a-n
Steem Venezuela |Venezuelan Community and South America |@edlili24
Venezuelans Steem |A meeting place for Venezuelans. Idiosyncrasy, culture, life, arts, history, sports, gastronomy, etc.|@marcybetancourt
USA |New members onboard community. Invites is extended for members from all over the world.|@flysky

Important : This list doesn't contain shortlisted set of communities in steemit. You can find all communities here

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I created the Steemit Contest Club community, my goal is to bring together the competitions held on the steemit platform. I manage the races myself and try to get users to spend time on the steemit platform. I want to be part of the community support program. Do you have the opportunity to add my community to this list that you share 🙏it will help people get to know this community.
Steemit Contest Club Community

29.03.2021 07:53

Sure I will after few days as the community is just started. You can organize couple of contests and bring more crowd to your community. Try to find some people who are willing to organize contests. 🙂 I wish your community will grow fast by organizing some attractive contests

29.03.2021 09:57

Thank you so much for your lovely wishes. It's good to know I'm not alone :) I hope I can find a friend on this path.the contests I've done on my @habercitr account before, I'll do it here after that.

29.03.2021 15:12

hello, mam here is my community. Please add this to this list.


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Excelente trabajo. Me encanta. Muchas gracias por el apoyo.

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easy to find some communities through this article. It's very helpfull 👏👏

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Wow! There are a Women Related Community, Feeling interested to check out it.
Thanks for sharing the information about communities.

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can you please add Steem Infinity Zone in Education category?

Thank You
Admin SIZ

13.06.2021 18:11

Its been two days now, and my neighbor have not get out of the shock, its like a life time thing, he went out to borrow this charger from a girl living on the same street with him, its was around 10pm at night meanwhile is charger just got spoilt that why he actually went out in the first place, then he plug it in into the socket, this was around 11pm. his phone was on his bed while he was sleeping besides it and the phone was still charges. its was midnight and the guy was in deep sleep while there was light through out the night, suddenly his phone went on flames and got burnt beyond recognition. its was so sad that even his bed got affected. below is picture of the incident that happen watch nd learn.

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-20 at 5.40.58 AM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-20 at 5.40.59 AM (1).jpeg

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please always be careful when dealing with all your electronic gadgets, when leaving your home always put off your electronic gadgets.


20.06.2021 22:33

Nice to know about these communities, thank you

22.07.2021 06:42