Dear Recruiters, You have the First Responsibility of Creating a Great Member!

Steemit is an amazing platform, that is expanding with new users daily. There are different kinds of users that joining through different relationships. Some people find steemit by themselves and some are invited by friends. Inviting friends usually called recruiting. During the past year of steemit, Newcomers' Community for newcomers that cover all basic knowledge about steemit. I recommend all newcomers to cover at least 4 achievements in order to get a better idea about Wallet and Keys, Etiquettes, and Markdown.

Today I am going to talk about some common things I noticed during my 6-month history of Newcomers' Community.

Photo by Norbert Hentges on Unsplash

For a newcomer, there are so many fundamental things to learn about steemit. It can be expanded from creating a post to basic wallet actions. For a normal person, it requires someone's assistance to learn basic concepts and etiquettes of steemit.

Recruiters Have a Big Responsibility

Recruiters are doing a great job by expanding steemit network. On other hand, they have a big responsibility of creating a successful steemit member. As well as introducing steemit to friends, it is your responsibility to take care of them for the first few days until they get to adapt to the system.

If you are a recruiter, please pay attention to the following things...
  1. Support the new member to create a proper self-introduction.
    Most of the time, self-introduction is the very first post that a newcomer creates. They can find it difficult to upload images, use markdowns organize content, create titles, and using tags. It is better to spend few minutes helping them with the self-introduction.
  2. Comment and vote the new members first post and share it with others
    It should be your comment is the first comment of your recruitee. Usually, a new member joins with 0 fans, so it is your duty to welcome him first and encourage him by sharing his self-introduction. Not only that, please encourage the newcomer to respond to comments he gets. This is the very first lesson of making engagement.
  3. Teach him to check the notification and how to redeem rewards
    It seems very fundamental, but this is a very basic but valuable part. Teach your friend about the different kinds of notifications we see and what are actions we can take on it. For example how we respond to a mention, recognizing comments, followers and following back them.

    You must prioritize it to teach them how to redeem rewards. I have sent even personal messages for some newcomers who haven't redeem their rewards ever. It is recruiters' responsibility to touch these basics things.

  4. Encourage them to make followers
    Have you ever seen accounts writing for months but 0 followings? How a community process without follower-followee interactions? Connections of steemit are very useful for surviving within the platform. Teach your friend to follow others, read other's contents, and make friends as much as they can. Sticking into one place will not help for the growth of the steemit life.


  5. Teach them to curate
    I have seen so many newcomers who never press their green upvote button. Even though they get curation rewards or not, just teach them the importance of voting. Teach them why voting is important.
  6. Encourage them to powerup
    Knowledge about Steem Power is very crucial. During my first days, I competitively tried to enhance my steem power. Still, I work to collect more and more steem power with me. Steem power is an important element in steemit ecosystem. Please encourage your friend to enhance steem power as fast as he can.
  7. Teach them Etiquette
    Before completing achievement 3 talk with your friend about the etiquette of steemit. What is good and what is bad?What is accepted and what is not? Always encourage them to write their own articles with their ability and encourage them to use their own photos as much as they can. If you write your own words and idea, you will never need to use a plagiarism checker.

    Also introduce different communities, different famous characters in steemit to your friend to follow and learn from them. Show them new opportunities in steemit to grow. Teach them to behave well on their posts without unnecessarily mentioning curators and community admins. I have observed even 25 reputation accounts mention steemcurator01, in their posts which is very strange. Correct guidence will avoid such negetive attitudes.

  8. Introduce steemworld to them
    After all the basic things in , don't forget to introduce to your recruitee. Make them understand about voting %, reward stats, accounts operations, reputation, resource credit etc
  9. Inform them of trending issue/threats
    Newcomers tend to get hacked by phishing links. From time to time there are such situations. Until your recruitee gets familiar, you should keep them informed about such security threats and challenges.
  10. Help them to highlight themselves
    Encourage your friend to do new things in steemit. Motivate him to find new contests and opportunities.

Recruiting a newcomer can be easy but building him as a great member is challenging. Dear recruiters, you have the first responsible of creating a great member!

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All very good advice.

Just don't encourage newcomers to tag @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02.

We get so many mentions, it is worthless, and just means we miss important messages.

We may soon start to stop voting on posts that tag us for no reason.

20.04.2021 13:16


Just don't encourage newcomers to tag steemcurator01 or steemcurator02.

Is that the second para of point 7? Oh, It's a little sarcasm for just born accounts who already know steemcurator01 when born and mention everywhere. :D Maybe it implies the meaning incorrectly.. One more line will enhance the meaning.

20.04.2021 13:46

If you can clarify it in the post to avoid misunderstanding that will be great, thank you.

20.04.2021 16:18

A few days ago I stopped mentioning steemcurator01 and steemcurator02. However, seeing that there are still many who mention it and get curation. Sometimes I also want to mention it again.
As a recruiter, I will tell the newcomer who I have recruited, so as not memention steemcurator01 and steemcurator02 again.
I'm sorry if in my last post, I still mention it.
Thanks for the explanation

20.04.2021 18:50

With a new Community for the beginning time I also do this, But from Now I will not to do this anymore and ensuring this will not tagging you from me. Also will try to encourage users for not doing this.

20.04.2021 14:05

hi, of course! I always encourage other to do not tag you in their posts. If they do very good posts they will be supported :) I am trying to intruduce many people in my country, including family and friends. Greetings!

20.04.2021 21:31

That is exactly what I have done. None of my recruiters is mentioning any steemcurator accounts. I am stressing on their learning and encouraging them to make quality contents. Support will ultimately come on good contents.

23.04.2021 19:37

More voting more benefit

25.04.2021 11:24

Hola. Este post me encanta, yo desconocía que no se podía etiquetar a los curadores, incluso al inicio de mis publicaciones me frustro que no me votaran yo pensé que para que te votran tenias que mencionarlos, claro ahora no lo hago pero mis publicaciones continúan igual sin ser visitadas por ustedes. Igual aun así continuo publicando mis contenidos, leyendo, votando y comentando, porque en realidad me encanta, ojala pudiese tener mas poder de voto jeje para ayudar a todos. Pienso que a ustedes les pasa igual. Gracias una vez mas por aclararnos el panorama. Bendiciones.

27.04.2021 05:04

I like steemit is a great community for me.

20.04.2021 13:26

This should be reposting in regular intervals. ❤️🙌

20.04.2021 13:57

Well description sister, we all also have some responsibility, Thanks for presenting.

20.04.2021 14:01

This is great!! 💕

20.04.2021 15:49

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SY, @maksina

20.04.2021 16:23

I have two pets😀.. I'll join

20.04.2021 17:20

Wow! It will be great! On the third week, one pet, on the fourth - the second! I hope the competition will be ongoing! The third week of the competition lasts until April? 23. You are welcome!

20.04.2021 17:39

Thanks for the guide @randulakoralage. It's a very useful guide for us all recruiters.
from Indonesia

20.04.2021 18:34

Helpful post.

20.04.2021 19:51

Newcomers are like fish out of water.It's up to us to send them back to the water. So I am preparing a guide where newcomers will find all the answers. I am trying to answer the questions of all members who join the steemit platform from my country with the help of telegram and discord and direct them correctly. I encourage them to support the topic in steem power and to create original content.With the competitions I do, I both entertain them and support them with the awards we give.I follow your esteemed country representatives and share the information I have gained with my own people and let them know about the subject.Thanks for this great information

Turkey country representative, candidate @habercitr

20.04.2021 20:51

Thanks to you @randulakoralage am a fresher in steemit without any guide but with this I now know were to start

20.04.2021 20:59

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20.04.2021 21:32

new users are the future of the plataform, we have a very important mision preaparing they

20.04.2021 21:36

Very good advice to all my friend .. this will be very important to all❤️

21.04.2021 05:24

This is great akke 😍

21.04.2021 06:20

Dear Recruiters, You have the First Responsibility of Creating a Great Member!

On the spot!!!

Very important article!! There should be not just new accounts creating, but a making long-term member here!!

21.04.2021 07:47

Very important for everyone ❤️.

21.04.2021 08:43

This will be very important for everyone..❤️ Thank you akke 😇

21.04.2021 09:06

This is good article for @Newcomers to ideantify the issues while writing their article..Thank you @randulakoralage for your advice.❤️❤️

21.04.2021 09:36

Recruiting a newcomer can be easy but building him as a great member is challenging.

Well said friend 🤗
My personal experience is Some newcomers come to Steemit with money in mind. After posting two or three articles, When they do not get what they want, they leave Steemit.
So a newcomer must have a good patience and a recruiter also need to teach them that there is more to Steemit than just making money🤗

21.04.2021 10:21

Yeah that's true.. like we did😍

23.04.2021 07:09

V. important article. Thank u v. much.

21.04.2021 14:45

Great article...

21.04.2021 14:48

How to add this in circle
Please help me i don't understand this 😰🙁

22.04.2021 00:36

the image is taken from when downloading the image, sites give the source link to copy. Usually we can use it here. It is a feature of unsplash only

22.04.2021 01:45

Some pics on another site
Then what i do
How to add source on another site
For example
We search pics on google and copy his image address then how to add source

22.04.2021 16:02

good to know these information. Hope i can use these information

23.04.2021 16:12

This is a great post for me because I am recruiting new people to steemit. I am doing zoom sessions and making simple tutorials to help them understand the basics. Once they get through basics I will be teaching them more advance things.

23.04.2021 19:35

@randulakoralage ....I stumbled across this post today and it was timely. As a recruiter, this will help me become better and help my recruits as well.

Thank you so much for this, it means a lot


24.04.2021 19:43

Awesome facts

25.04.2021 17:41