Memories never Die : Travel to sona mosjid ; A historical place

Memories never die, After watching the title of my blog may be you guys got enough idea that it's a post from the past time. That time the time I lost from my life. This is called memory. I know that in this world all guys have a lot of memories. We can define memories in various quality. This is a random process to several person that memory.


Some of them are good memories and aome of them are called as bad memories. We as a human being like to share our good memoriuto all person at our whole life as well as we like to forget our bad memories.


Good memories never die. It alive in our heart, It alive through life, It will be seen in writing and photography, It can be shown may be in any videos, may be after a long time. May be it will be shown after thousands years letter. May be on that time I will never be in this beautiful world. Who cares??


Today, I will share my visit of Sona mosjud a beautiful and one of the moat historical places in Bangladesh which was visited by me with two of my friends ARIF & SULTAN.


Both of them are very funny guuy and I love both of them a lot as a friend I always wants to get their success.

On that day, we didn't have any major plan but we were walking through the road and wanted to go to a tea stall. Suddenly "Sultan" Asked to arif for going to historical sona mosjid and he agreed. At the very first time I didn't have any interest to visit the place but after their pressure it was like a pain on me. and I agreed to visit Chapai nawab gonj district.


After 2 hours we arrived the area. That was an amazing area I can't express my feeling. We visited all the area. It's a historical mosque. As I told several time I like to visit historical places that's true and I make that tour. we did our prayer their for Allah and only Allah.


That's a picnic spot and I saw a lot of school bus from different are of Bangladesh, they came their for their picnic purpose. There was a beautiful garden their. As it is known that Chapai Is the capital of mango here in Bangladesh.
So, we saw a lot of mango garden.


Today,was that day and As I uploaded that photography in my Facebook profile so, Facebook notified me the anniversary and I am very happy to know about the day. I congratulate my both those two friends also. I think it was on of our most memorable days.
So. I think okeay, let's make a travel blog on that day. I told sultan today that when he comes on his next vacation we will make another tour. We have allready planed the location. Our next location is Mujib nogor. It's another historical place too and with this place our libaration war is related.


So, don't forget to follow me in steemit if you want to know about Bangladesh. You can follow me in this block chain and obviously you can take your eyes on my dtube channel. I tried to help thehe new comer on that platform.

Thanks for reading my blog. Stay with me hopefully I will give you more informative post and you will know more about steemit and Bangladesh.

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