The angle, in which you are observing is very important. It can be the life, the nature, It can be the time or anything.
Observation is the main theme. so, I amm trying to say that yes, you have to understand the topic. Don't judge just before you have full theme and in which angle it's trying to explain.
Explanation is not everything. It's a part just like as understand a part. It's not a the full meaning.
Yeah, This is the way to think and this is the way to make the world good.



Now come to the point...
My title was 1+1=10...
May be some of you get surprise how can it possible??
It could be 1+1=2, bUt ofcurse I am not telling about mathematical term. You Have to understand to make sure that you are going to make a comment on myself.
It's not about just this post.It's an example. I am trying to give some example so that some of you may be able to think about the angle.
It's not like that in any place you have seen 1+1 and you know the answer will be 2..
Some time may be two..but not the everytime...
To put any comment you just have to read what the author is trying to ask?? What's about the questions??
In which angle the person trying to explain. This is the issue.
It may be 2 if it's a natural sum... that yes..1 plus 1, it will be true obviously...
But, what if the peraon was talking in


binary language??.
Yes, Binary.......
It's another language on which the computer work really.
So, it's another angle in where I can tell that yes, 1+1=10...
So, Taking the view from the life is so necessary and it's the way of thought that life is life. The rule is nothing.
Try to thibk in different ways.Working and thinking from various way is very much essential to be successful....
Hope you guys can understand and hopefully you will try to be successful in your future life.

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