My Drawing : "mickey mouse"

This is my first drawing post on my adventure.
I hope you like it.


Have a nice day.

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06.05.2021 11:30

Thank you very much.
Eta amr first art silo.Tai oto kisu kora hoy ni.
Next time try korbo insallah.

Thanks for support me.

06.05.2021 12:59

এগিয়ে যাও শুভকামনা রইল

09.05.2021 12:02

Hello my friend. I liked it very much and I gave my vote. I expect you to my page too.

06.05.2021 11:42

thank you very much

06.05.2021 13:00

Wow great drawing!

To answer the question you asked under my post:

  1. You copy the url of the post (like I did ^^^)
  2. You look for the bot you want to use and how much the minimal payment is.
  3. Then you send the amount you want (at least the minimal amount). this can be steem or SBD.
  4. In the memo add the url to the post!

Hope that answers your question :)

09.05.2021 07:01

Im not a bot or anything but my upvote does bring you a little bit of money so I guess you could send me a little steem or sbd and add the url in the memo. Then I'll upvote your posts ;)

09.05.2021 07:03

Thank you very much for give me this answer

09.05.2021 23:23