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The Alchemist

Assalamu Alaikum.
Hope everybody is doing well. Today's competition is Book Review organized by Steem Bangladesh Community. My Steem Id is @rakib17033 . Today I'll be reviewing one of my favorite inspirational books The Alchemist by Paula Kaleo.The book is very beautiful and inspiring.

About the book:

Written by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho.This book was first published in Portuguese and then translated into 70 more languages. The book is the best-selling book internationally.


The story is about a Shepherd boy from Spain whose name is Santiago.He wanted to go to different places.He had a flock of sheep, and he rode on it and roamed about.One day he had a dream about the treasures of the Egyptian pyramids.He is met by an old king and he tells him to start his journey to fulfill his dream and also tells him not to give up no matter what problems come his way.Then he started the journey to fulfill this dream. Finding that treasure was one of the purposes of Santiago's life.The book tells of various experiences with the journey to Santiago.Santiago is an opportunity to meet a lot of people on this trip and learn a lot from life here. And in the end, Santiago finds that treasure

My thoughts:

Alchemist is a great book in my eyes. The book is not lagging behind in any part from word choice to knowledge philosophy. From the book we learn a lot about life. I think the book has taken a different place in the minds of many. Because we all have dreams in our lives, everyone wants someone to tell them to move forward on that dream. The book is a masterpiece, especially for those who dream of doing something in life with a purpose in life.

Moral of this book:

In a nutshell the moral of this book is we give up on our dreams too easily yet the universe is always ready to help us fulfill them.

[If there is any mistake in my writing, you will look at it with an apologetic look]

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