PC Issues & Poetry

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Just a quick mini-blog today as my PC has decided to implode on me and is showing all sorts of horrible symptoms such as not booting up and leaving me stuck for hours on the windows loading wheel.

Luckily, I did a COMPTIA course in windows and network architecture about 10 years ago. Although I didn't pursue that area of study as a career, I've picked up some diagnostic skills along the way. I'm pretty sure I can fix it if I can only get into the system repair menu to restore it to an earlier point. Unfortunately, at the moment it won't even let me in, so I'm getting a little concerned I might have to do a full re-install.


All of the markdown for my steem blogs, poems and short stories for two years are stored on one of my hard drives. They're not lost as I could plug the hard drive into another computer... but well it's a right royal pain in the ass.

To keep my habit of daily posts on steem going, I have decided to share a (previously unseen on steem) poem I wrote over ten years ago.

Immortal Yearnings was published to a poetry anthology in 2006 called 'Poetry Pool'. The poem covers themes of regret, abandonment and imprisonment, all framed within a conversation between the fictional character of Peter Pan and the author of those children's books J M Barrie. At a deeper level, the poem also deals with the feeling of being trapped inside your head... the cyclic pain of depression and self doubt.

Anyway, I will let the poem speak for itself.

© Rowan Joyce all rights reserved

Many thanks for reading.

Published from my android phone, without any bells and whistles ;)

P.s. If I am slow to respond to comments, please forgive me as I'll be busy wrestling with fixing an unruly PC.

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bill gates IS my pc issue!

20.01.2020 17:08

Ha ha, yeah windows is a bag of shite ;-)

finally got it sorted late last night. It's enough to make me consider linux.

21.01.2020 16:08