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The 21 Day Deepak Chopra Abundance Meditation Challenge

I have decided to take part in the 21 day abundance meditation challenge, starting on the 1st of December. This exercise is being run by @artemislives & @riverflows, and consists of a set of abundance meditations from Deepak Chopra for 20/30 minutes every day for 21 days.

Each day @riverflows will post the meditation in a dedicated discord channel and it is up to you to complete the meditation any time during the day. This is all completely free of charge, to read more please check out this post from the @naturalmedicine blog.

As I take part in these meditations I plan on writing more contemplative posts like this one inspired by the experience. Meditation can be a great catalyst for creativity, kind of like a re-boot for the brain. It is my hope that the abundance meditation practice will inspire the muse, but this is not my primary reason for joining this challenge.

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Daily meditation is something I have tried in the past but found somewhat difficult to keep up if I'm honest. I first discovered meditation many moons ago when I was in the process of deep transition in my life. This was a time of intense dissatisfaction and the process of meditation allowed me to separate from the relentless noise of the depressive mind.

For me, this is the joy and wonder of meditation! It is a seemingly small thing, but separating from identifying with 'self' is actually one of the greatest things a human being can do. After all it is the ego that creates division. That division can come internally with one's self, with imbalances between emotional and physical expression, or it can be created by direct comparison with others through differences in ideologies, social/racial background or wealth. From this perceived separation comes conflict, and as egos feed on egos a negative feedback loop is generated.

What meditation does is slowly allow the mind to see that these separations are illusion. Fundamentally they are born out of ego and are only concrete if you believe that the ego (the self), and your perception of the world is all there is. Meditation allows you to see beyond that voice (ego), allows you to see that there is another part of you observing the patter of your thoughts. This other self is the universal. It is the part of a greater whole that is exactly the same as that person half way across the world that you see as other.

All of this is somewhat defunct in the telling though, as the only way to feel these things - down at the root - is through the silent mind; through meditation. They cannot be completely grasped through words.

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Today I woke up with a plan. I have recently read about a dietary regime that could help me with healing my ongoing chronic gut illness, SIBO. It involves eating organic carrot salad daily with raw coconut oil and vinegar. I might write a post about the research behind it at some point in the future if it works.

Upon waking I spent around an hour in bed listening to a guided meditation from a spiritual teacher called Mooji which frequently helps me to reach a deep level of immediacy and connection with my physical body.

I find this type of meditation effective for shutting off that part of my mind that assesses and judges, leaving only a peaceful state of observance. It was in this state that I set out on my bike to buy all the ingredients for my carrot salad with the rain falling and the grey English clouds coddling me with their heavy blanket.

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Cars fly by, red brown smears against tarmac.
Each drop of rain mirrors the other
as they strike the glassy surface of puddles.
A steady flow of the river's soul
filtered like blood through capillaries;
clouds born of sea, born of estuaries,
grown from babbling streams.

The rain will fall.

Drops drip along my nose.
A flow seeding jacket zip with a river of drips,
dumping unceremoniously on jeans.
The rain spit-spots a lizard skin pattern on denim.
Each puddle splashes, soaking my shin,
with the spin of bike tyres.

Students hand out flyers,
protesting a picket line outside the union.
The morning light...
the bustle of human motion in flow.
Passing, silent in noise.
Still, in motion.

Β© Rowan Joyce, all rights reserved.

All images used are either creative commons licence, linked under pic, or digital art created by me using GIMP Photo Editing Software. If you have enjoyed this post, please check out my homepage @raj808 for similar content. Thank you.

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28.11.2019 14:25

Nice one! i need a twitter account!

01.12.2019 04:38

Ha ha, I've been sharing my steem posts on twitter for ages. Ever since @nathanmars got us all tweeting away like song birds ;-)

01.12.2019 15:32

Delighted to see you taking this challenge. Ripples. :)

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29.11.2019 02:04

Thanks Artemis. I'm looking forward to it πŸ‘

So much so in fact, that I found the abundance meditations on YouTube and checked out the first day out of curiosity. Lovely way to wake up in the morning πŸ™‚

29.11.2019 08:40

You’ve been visited by @tryskele on behalf of Natural Medicine.

Glad to see you joining in on the Abundance Meditation challenge. I stated this week with @artemislives and I absolutely love it. Soft, simple and very easy to follow. Looking forward to your posts on this.

Wonderful insight on mediation @raj808.

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30.11.2019 19:33

Thanks @tryskele

I have just completed the first day and managed to list 50 things I'm grateful for... which was difficult, but not as difficult as I thought.

I'm glad you enjoyed this post and my thoughts around meditation. I'm deeply influenced by the teachings of Ekhart Tolle mainly. For me, meditation has been an amazing tool to bring myself out of deep pain and depression. It's amazing what we can do with the power of our minds :)

Good luck with the challenge.

01.12.2019 15:35

Beautiful. Lovely poem! I was so inpsired on the first day of the challenge that I wrote about the experience - I hope you enjoy it - going to post the first meditation in a few hours, so hope you enjoy it!

01.12.2019 04:38

Hi @riverflows, glad you enjoyed the poem :)

I've just completed the first day and managed to list 50 things I'm grateful for... which was difficult, but not as difficult as I thought. It's an interesting excersie, and I think I'm going to write a post every few days about this experience, maybe every 2-3 days listing the insights I've gained over the last selection of meditations. Today's meditation was very calming and centering :)

01.12.2019 15:37

I just finished up day 1! So happy to have a great group on here to keep me motivated to try things like this. I keep struggling with making meditation a daily practice for any length of time myself, so I find joining in a challenge particularly helpful. I especially find the homework portion motivating. I found a lot of pleasure in writing down more than 50 people/things I'm grateful for. I am going to try to share some of my journey, as well. Looking forward to reading more about yours!

01.12.2019 20:37

Hi @plantstoplanks

I especially find the homework portion motivating. I found a lot of pleasure in writing down more than 50 people/things I'm grateful for.

I'm less into the list making as I'm the opposite with the old homework thing, but I did for my 50 things written out today after completing the meditation πŸ™‚ i

It's true that being in a group challenge like this is gr8 for motivation and keeps us all committed through mutual support. I look forward to reading your posts about the experience as wellπŸ‘πŸ™‚

01.12.2019 21:15

I'm really enjoying the Abundance challenge put on by @naturalmedicine too and was inspired to write a post.
I often find a boost in my creativity from meditating and it has made a big difference in my life! Fortunately I have a husband who is very dedicated to having regular meditations so that has never been an issue for me and I see once I retire (1 more year after this) that I will want to incorporate more time into meditation, keeping me on the path!
See you in the Abundance challenge channel and hopefully in the meditation hall for mindfullife! With the time change the Wednesday group meditation is right in the middle of my afternoon, when I'm usually busy with projects etc and I keep missing it!
Hope that carrot salad does the trick for you!

03.12.2019 02:33

I look forward to many more of these meditations. They're really effective so far πŸ™‚

I haven't experienced the boost in creativity yet, but plenty of time for it to bring clarity. It's useless trying to force these things.

I'll see you in the room and meditations, and I'll check your post out Romeo's when I'm in the house and have more time to read properly πŸ™‚

03.12.2019 20:19