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السلام علیکم Pick up the new morning, after reading Namaz made on behalf of Namaz, after reading Namaz, I left for home after looking for the search for the village private Karan pm and some There was a restful talk about the Verses that happened there, after resting, we left for home again and every village friend also came and stood and told that Vishal Bhai today we have a holiday from college and Hello told that today is a holiday, we come and play and we are playing since this morning, the parrot of Moscow will go towards Namastey and come back after reading Namaz. And at the same time we rested a lot that today we see our nation from the heart Sunday was also due to which we have in our Relax We were enjoying a while back and my friends were drinking and went there near their feet. I will wait or sometime back we were sitting at the shop. It is good and very sweet that I play the game because in this scheme we get a lot of benefit if a human being works, please do it. And after that we were going for a job and shortly after 7:00 we had to go to the wedding to kill her. My life is very much there, friends will be airing and we will also meet them because our friends are very far away. That wedding is a very nice and lovely wedding because we will go to that wedding and our friends will come very much, whom we will also meet and you can also give that we were going here a lot, the market had a lot of money there too. You also need to do every work by bus so that your work app Good for nothing If we should keep ourselves musroof, if a person does not mean himself, he cannot be successful, so we should keep ourselves as much as possible and type for friends for a while. And one of my friends is the mouse inside the fair with that very nice and loving friend as I pass the day with him. Like another friend of mine because we friends play together Whatever we empty we eat together because we eat and drink together So do as much love as you can so that giving gifts to you increases your love because the person with whom you do good will also do good to you. Mr. My request is with you, should you do the work properly so as not to disturb anyone else, every person is upset, then he cannot be of any use.












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Your pictures post is very nice i like it very much.Struggle continue keep it up

28.03.2021 11:47

Assalamu Alaikum your post is very nice and beautiful your collection is so nice I like your post thanks

28.03.2021 15:53

Your collection of photographs is so nice and beautiful keep it up

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Kia bat Ha raizeshan bhAi ap ki post ki

01.04.2021 13:38

Sir, your post is very good and all the pictures you have taken are very good. You have made a picture like a very experienced photographer does.

01.04.2021 17:47

Thanks bro

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Thanks for good post

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