Hello friends.please create a account in challengedapp app

Today i will share u a interesting thing.Its about a app.with this app we promoted our post very nicely.

It is very useful app.so I will tell you how to create account in this app.
First go play store and then download right challengedapp app.g5xugeaug5.png.after that click create account.choose a username.choose a password..The account will be created.First you will get 20 CHL.After that if you take scheenshot and post using tag #challengedac,you will get $1 form him.Its really amazing and help full. Plz download it.

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@ackza bro i will try best to promote this app.

30.11.2019 01:18

Great aircle! Thank you for your support!

30.11.2019 07:05