My firts SPUD at 2020.


Hello, all Steemian friends

Today I made 20 STEEM POWER UP to support the SPUD (STEEM POWER UP DAY) project run by @streetstyle, @xpilar, @sultan-aheh and several other sponsors who have supported the SPUD Contest (STEEM POWER UP DAY) every month. Although I have never participated in the SPUD contest held by @streetstyle and other sponsors, today I want to support this positive activity by doing POWER UP.

Hopefully in the #SPUD10 contest later I can become one of the contestants to support SPUD (STEEM POWER UP DAY) activities. POWER UP is a positive activity that can be carried out by all steemians to protect the STEEM ecosystem in the future, so that @streetstyle, @xpilar, @sultan-aceh and several other sponsors strongly support this SPUD activity to be routinely carried out every month to maintain the STEEM ecosystem for the future.


Actually, POWER UP is not only done during the SPUD contest (STEEM POWER UP DAY) but we can do it all the time because this is a positive activity that really helps the development of the STEEM ecosystem so we are advised to do more POWER UP. In the future maybe I will try to do POWER UP if there is enough balance for me POWER UP in my wallet.

And with this post, I invite all other steemians to do POWER UP if your wallet has enough STEEM for POWER UP. And after you POWER UP, you can make a post about POWER UP that you do in order to get support in the form of upvote from @streetstyle, @xpilar, @sultan-aceh and several other sponsors for your post.


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Hello @rachman-jr25 Thank you for supporting #spud and yes, everyday can be a SPUD day. On February 1, 2020 will be #spud10 where as a community we all power up what we can, and some stop their power down for the day while others just vote and re-steem SPUD posts. Again, thanks you and take care.

06.01.2020 21:59