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Today I will provide more detailed explanations. For the best mining and investment site, SHA-256 is a next-generation cryptocurrency mining platform with:

Bitcoin. Ethereum. Litecoin. Dogecoin. USDT. stellar. Ripple


Cryptocurrencies have become the focus of curiosity and interest of many, and many questions loomed around them, such as: What are the cryptocurrency and how does it work?

What is cryptocurrency, and how does it work?
It is a virtual currency, that does not have a physical (physical) presence, that is traded over the Internet in exchange for commodities
And services, or they are purchased from people or from exchange machines, and can be dealt with through programs or

Multiple apps or platforms. Digital currencies are not issued by any bank, nor are they subject to any regulatory authority
Or a financial body, not covered by tangible assets.

Despite these defects, which will surely lead to the reluctance of dealers to trade traditional currencies
It has any of these characteristics, except that digital currencies have been traded quickly and in short periods,
It issued nearly 869 currencies and 269 cryptocurrency brands around the world with a capital of about
$ 321.5 billion in total supply as of October 6, 2017.

It is worth noting that transactions take place directly between users without an intermediary, as the transaction is broadcasted
It is confirmed by the network and upon verification of the transaction is recorded in the general ledger called the

(blockchain), and the people who do this transaction are initially called miners, and must
That they have a high level of skill, because once registered, the data cannot be changed and therefore; The mistake
may result in the loss of all the capital.

The site SHA-256. io allows anyone with internet access to start mining bitcoins within minutes. The platform serves the goal of freedom and accessibility in mining by proposing the cheapest segmentation force in the market for better profitability, and the site contains many features such as:

The site accepts many cryptocurrencies such as:
Bitcoin. Ethereum. Litecoin. Dogecoin. USDT. stellar. Ripple

SH-256 is a respected cryptocurrency brand. This means that you can use any wallet that supports those cryptocurrencies such as: Blockchain, faucet pay, binance, coinbase .........

bSpecialized in Bitcoin mining. All mining tools are available, easy to use, and fun 24/7.

Daily Return Package: Coins earned from mining are reflected in the user's wallet at the end of each day.

24/7 hardware uptime: Purchased hash power is never cut off. Mining continues 24/7 with high performance.
Latest technology: high quality standards with the latest mining equipment. Regular maintenance and repair.

Safe and Compatible: Your money is safe. Secure at all times with a hack-proof platform and legal facility management.
Artificial Intelligence: continuous improvement for best performance. Smarter and more independent facilities with artificial intelligence.

Instant Withdrawal: Users can withdraw the coins they obtained to their personal wallets at any time in a few seconds.
Smart Yield Calculator: All parameters affecting mining income are monitored instantly and current income is calculated.
No Hidden Fees: The lowest fees on the market are visible to users, supporting flexible procedures.

Now we will go to the registration method:
We will click on the registration link ->
The registration page will appear for you as in a picture, write all your gmail information and password ...


After registering, you will log in and you will choose the currency you want to mine with. I will choose Bitcoin as shown in the picture


Then choose Start Mining


After I write the amount you want to invest, for example I invested 0.003 BTC


You will copy the address and the amount you want to invest. Go to your wallet and make an investment


Wait for confirmations and he will start mining with you

And if you have any problem with the site, you can contact the support team and he will help you, and there are two
ways to deal with it:

The first is from the site and it is very easy
The second from this email:
Link to registration:

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