Life is weird


My parents used to support me as a kid. In the course of time, my parents are no longer willing to support me. Because, I grew up. Now, I have to do my job or business. You have to find your own actions. After birth, my parents would provide me with what I needed. He never understood the lack. And because I grew up today. I understand them now. Understanding the rules of the world is a big responsibility. I have a son I am now supporting her. Maybe if he grows up I'll tie him up like that. I can't do it again. Why do not understand so many rules in the world. Growing up, parents become parents. As long as I was young, my parents got their attention. They want to take me away from growing up. They say that parents provide for their children throughout their lives. You are grown up now Own nutrition itself.

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This is Love Letter from God to You.
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