Since the world of business is getting updated each minute and so the business transactions and dealing needs a game changing revolution in terms of speed and security. Similar to internet which is connecting us now, a transformational technology is finding its way to make the world of currencies to the next phase. Such an innovative technology into the market . Already many started smelling and enjoying the aroma of it. That is the recent buzz word across the globe called Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology powers the Bitcoin which is providing new base for the economic, legal and political systems. Followed by this cryptocurrency day by day there are new innovative projects and token that are filling the crypto space. This project is a brilliant approach to the major challenges faced by the crypto community and bridges the gap between the innovators and the investors. It is named as Thaler token.

What is Thaler token?

Thaler is an impressive and educative innovation which motivates the investors, business enthusiasts, interested individuals and groups to invest in trustworthy crypto projects. The challenges facing the cryptocurrency sector has been fixed. This project has a high scope of involving investors in large by connecting them with appropriate innovators. Team Thaler believes in building a strong crypto community with public transparency and low fee. Thereby, paving the way for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Thaler has a decentralized administration and a balanced budgeting system that enables the crypto community to attain democratic control for their budget allocation in charitable goals as well empowers to develop, promote and survive through sustainable voted projects into the future. To understand the Thaler functionality a basic knowledge about blockchain technology is required.

Collaboration of Investors and Innovators

Investing in a cryptocurrency has become a difficult task without proper awareness about the projects. Understanding this chaos, Thaler team has designed this in a way to support, guide and grow the interest of developers by linking them with investors in turn filling the crypto space with more eminent crypto enthusiasts. Inorder to ease the decision making of the investors, Thaler conducts competition among the listed projects and arranges meetings for collaboration. The winning project will get Thaler Token (called as 'TAL Tokens') as rewards. The winner is strictly decided by a democratic process which means voting for best project in list based on factors such as deep analysis of the assets, market research, trustworthiness, wide opportunities and the future scope. Along with the rewards, winning project will get the funds generated through the listing fees.

Listing a project in Thaler platform involves the following steps,
● Registration process
● Project submission
● Verification
● Listing charges
● Competition
● The voting process

Apart from these funds, the project will get sponsorship and collaborations from the investors who can review the ratings,reach through market analysis and complete project details of all the listed projects. Thaler believes in 'Project success Projection(PsP)' and 'trial by jury' model which stamps reliability on the decision.


● Thaler Token developed on Ethereum platform revolutionizes the project funding sector.
● It gains project value through mass adoption by creating a unique ecosystem for investors and innovators.
● Thaler through the decentralized blockchain technology ensures peer to peer computer network.
● Thaler involves the Artificial Intelligence to learn from community engagement and the ratings for the winning project.
● Thaler encourages giving back to the world benefit by charitable events which is left to the winning project.
● The most challenging problems faced by the crypto space is addressed by the Thaler.
● Thaler ensures reliability and provides low fee token.
● Thaler opens the way for new investors who are confused with increased cryptocurrencies developed and released everyday.

Token Details

This project has a token named Thaler token which goes with the symbol TAL and based on Ethereum blockchain platform.
The Total supply of tokens is 350,000,000 TAL
Circulating Supply is 180,000,000 TAL
The price for each TAL is $0.01

The circulating Token supply (51.429% of Total supply) is allocated for Airdrops, Private investors, THALER crypto foundation Ecosystem, Community and Bounty. The remaining 48.571% of the Total Token supply is allocated to the team for marketing and for the reserve. The dividends as per the allocation of Thaler Token is about,
51% of Circular supply with 180,000,500 TAL
15% for Team with 52,500,000 TAL
10% for Marketing with 35,000,000 TAL
24% for Reserve of 82,400,598 TAL

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Rather than being a participant, the idea of organizing the crypto enthusiasts in a platform to educate the community to find the right partner is engraved by a small but brilliant team which creates and manages its own token. Since the capability of the block chain technology has been universally recognized, the team believes in mass adoption of the same. Thaler Token is coined by Constantin Driu, the leader and CEO of Thaler.



Thaler is an informative platform that aims to educate the community on innovative crypto projects to collaborate or partner with the investors, business enthusiasts, devotees of crypto etc., thereby promoting mass adoption of the tokens. It is designed to support, guide and enable the innovative projects to reach the right investors by creating a community building platform. The key success of Thaler is it's functionality which has a verification system that backs the investors to invest with trust and to understand the market value. With democratic voting process to nominate the best project brings the right projects to the lime light and thereby stands on through its own token as foundation. Hence considering the uniqueness of this project, it is a wise choice to invest in its tokens thereby taking part in building a smart future. For more and latest information, please visit

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