Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology has now become a common terms in day to day life and many industries and individuals are learning and trying to adopt the same into their business structure and to their daily lifestyles. The latest technologies are changing the way people live and perceive in a very easy and fast manner by creating many digital user friendly platforms. Now, most of the things turning into digital products and services in our life and hence the contracts and agreements has been made digital as Smart Contracts. Here comes the unique project named DocTailor, to ease the way people agree upon with each other in a financial, business and individual terms with its legal smart contracts features.

What is DocTailor?

DocTailor creates Smart legal contracts and agreements which are secure, transparent and the users can create documents, agreements as per their terms and requirements without any prior developer knowledge. DocTailor has a unique feature which automatically highlights the section of the document which is suitable and appropriate for the purpose of the document. Moreover, the users can modify any or all part of the document easily. The key factor of DocTailor is that it helps in collaborating non-crypto business to crypto users easily. Since the world is becoming more digital, the digital legal agreements are in demand. The Doctailor team understands the demand and have created this project by making tailor made smart contracts for business and other various sectors. DocTailor’s aim is to provide a very convenient and easy access to smart contracts, cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Blockchain with its unique decentralisation feature is expected to help the economy grow higher in the coming years with the Cryptocurrency..Hence in this case, the growth of the economy relies on adoption of the technology. The adoption mainly relies also on legal agreements and contracts between two parties where DocTailor plays a significant role. This DocTailor project helps to bridge the gap between different business and individual parties, crypto and non-crypto users through smart and legal contracts. Doctailor features blockchain escrow such as Ethereum, EOS,Tron, Nem, Stellar, Bitcoin.

Packages & Tokens:

The DocTailor offers several packages for the users such as Starter, Professional, Merchant, Enterprise each with a cost of 10 $, 75 $, 125 $, 499 $ in DOCT tokens per month. Each package provides special benefits to the users as per their requirements to create documents and agreements.

DocTailor users can use the Pay As You Go(PAYG) feature to get the complete access for customising the smart contracts. The users who use DOCT tokens instead of fiat currency gets an additional time added to their account and have access to additional features and access to the exclusive documents and templates which they can use to create their documents.
The users can also earn money through this DocTailor by creating contracts and agreements on their own and then sharing the same with the people who have the similar requirements for the documents.

The DocTailor account can be created by purchasing DOCT tokens from Zloadr app. By downloading the Zloadr app, users can buy up to 1,000,000 $ DOCT tokens. Please visit and for more details. The users can download the Zloadr app on Google Play Store and Apple istore. The buyers can also purchase tokens from Ether Flyer and Fork Delta platforms. The IEO starts from July 20, 2019 to Sep 20, 2019. The total DOCT tokens available to purchase is 500,000,000,000. The hard cap aim of DocTailor project is 10,000,000 $. The Market Capitalisation is 9.7 million USD and the DOCT price is 0.97 USD.


The users can choose from more than 10,000 documents which are already available in the DocTailor and can also easily.merge and edit those documents as per their convenience and requirements.
All existing legal documents and agreements available in the doctailor are prepared and certified by the legal professionals experts.
The existing document templates has a specific structure and standardised language which are appropriate for the legal documentations and all the documents can be downloaded in various formats such as Word, HTML, XML, PDF.
The users can also monitor and authorise the use of the document for the document recipient, thereby providing security and protection for the use of agreements between both parties.
These contracts, agreements, documents provides protection against fraud, manipulation and errors which is considered to be lacking in the crypto industry.
The documents can be created, sent and received across the globe in more than 10 plus languages thereby breaking the language barrier which is an important advantage of DocTailor.


The unique benefits of DocTailor can be used in various industries and individuals in different sectors such as Lawyers, Legal Professionals, Business people, individuals who are in Banks, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Public Sector organisations, Intellectual Property management, Education, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Gaming sectors, etc.
The disruptive blockchain technology along with smart contracts through DocTailor will pave way for the adoption of blockchain into many alternate sectors by making its process more easy, cost effective and transparent.



DocTailor's Core Team

The core team members of DocTailor’s project has their sveral decades of experience in various sectors such as Technology, Financial Services and Compliances which makes them as well as the DocTailor project stronger with their disruptive skills and vision for the smart future.

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DocTailor with its easy, user-friendly features has a very significant role in disrupting the existing other contracts systems thereby creating a revolution in the smart contracts arena. Now you can make a smart decision and invest in the smart future by buying DOCT tokens and be a part of smart contracts revolution. Join the DocTailor community and get to know more about this unique tailor made smart contracts system. Please visit for more and latest information.

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