A ubiquitous platform for marketing, learning and connecting people at one place through which the world educates, provides information and services tirelessly with easy and viral reach is so called Digital media. Nowadays, people rely on digital media than going for printed and traditional ways of getting informed about the services and happenings in the media space. With abundant media platforms across the world there are only few channels available out for crypto updates. To fill this gap emerged a requirement to overflow with the latest updates and seamless media platform to cover the crypto world. Though Google and Facebook are the highly used sources, there are legal prohibition and restrictions to post the cryptocurrency related news in their platform. Just like Stock Market which can be easily checked through the medium like The Financial Times and the Wall Street journal. For Crypto world, the process of knowledge transfer and for the assurance of true information shared there's no proper platform. Challenging this requirement, an innovative and a decentralized platform named as Cryptoknowmics was developed by a mixed talents in team. Cryptoknowmics is the first largest and credible platform that covers each and every aspect of the crypto space. Cryptoknowmics is unique in a way that incentivizes it's ecosystem for the simplest of actions.

What is Cryptoknowmics?


Cryptoknowmics is the world's first media platform to cover each and every aspect of the crypto space. It is more of a decentralized media platform that provides the information and services from more than 3000 sources which includes the other crypto news sites, blogs, articles, social media, official announcements, learning tutorials thereby enabling the users to stay updated with the happenings in the crypto world.


Cryptoknowmics will turn a big hit with the content strategy where the users interactions are incentivizes for simply reading the article or news, clicking on the links, watching videos and a lot more to incentivize the users. While the platform grows fat with the enormous information, news and updates of the crypto world. The accuracy, privacy and reliability of the news or article published in the platform turns out to be a demand in the market. Cryptoknowmics is an all in one platform that satisfies all the above criteria with an effective and crucial team that monitors inch by inch actions in the platform. With a brilliant technical team, the platform is powered by AI enhanced fake news detection and elimination. To add to this note, MVP version of the website and mobile app (Android and iOS) is already live in the domain since October 2018 at without the incentivization now without any advertisements it has reached more than 200 visitors per day and has gained a substantial audience in this short due period.


Cryptoknowmics being a platform that aggregates the information and services relates to crypto space in a single platform has numerous monetizing opportunities. Revenue streaming includes listing and reviewing fees, sponsoring fees, marketing commission, premium content subscription fees, learning module commission and API subscription fees. The platform enables the users to run campaign and get the best of true contents to the users from various sources after the fake news verification by an exclusive team for the same operation.

User benefits

● World's first decentralized industry and the largest media platform to limelight the happenings of the crypto space.
● Being the first to incentivizes the users for the simplest action of reading the news or the article, watching videos, clicking on sponsored links, gaming on the platform, claiming airdrops, buying event tickets, applying for job vacancies and posting requirements, purchase of blockchain courses and for various other user interactions in the platform the users are rewarded with the tokens
● Through the eyes of the users and contributors the Cryptoknowmics is a single platform that brings in latest news, ICO /IEO/ STO listings, latest crypto prices, exchange listings, arbitrage analysis, airdrops listings, event listings, Job vacancy postings, DApp listings, blogs and a lot more related to crypto space.

Token Details

Token Name - Cryptoknowmics Token
Symbol - CKM
Token Type - ERC20
Start time - July,2019
Token Pricing - US $0.0024
Hard Cap - US $6 million
End time - Until Hard Cap Reached
Total Token Supply - US $10 billion

Token Distribution

Allocation and % Allocation of Tokens is distributed as follows,
Private / Crowd sale is 25.00% which is 2,500,000,000 tokens
Bonus reserve is 15.00% which is 1,500,000,000 tokens
Advisors and strategic partners is 10.00% which is 1,000,000,000 tokens
Team reserve is 15.00% which is 1,500,000,000 tokens
Bounties and airdrops is 5.00% which is 500,000,000 tokens
Content contributors/subscribers which is 30.00% which is 3,000,000,000 tokens
Totally, 100.00% which is 10,000,000,000 tokens



Core Team Members



With the entire world having brought in hand through an amazing gadget called mobile phone, Digital media plays a vital role in reaching the people for marketing the product and bringing the services at reach. Though there are numerous medium for the users to stay updated with various other things, Cryptoknowmics is the first in the industry to become a single platform to hold all the crypto world happenings at the latest. Cryptoknowmics with the unique content strategy of incentivization of the users for their simplest action has a large scope and welcome in the market among the users and contributors. For more and latest information about this project, please visit

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