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"Customers are King", says a poster in front of many offices. "Customer satisfaction is our concern" says posters at bill station of shops. On the whole, all the businesses that operate on ground of the earth believes and relies on customer service and satisfaction. It is the duty of a company to pay heeds to the customer's feedback to grow and improve the business further. A dissatisfied customer can detach the existing and to be customers. On the other hand, a potential customer can bring triple the customer rate than existing rate. Many companies are not aware of the customer experience and their feedback on their product, services and processes. What if a customer can directly comment on the product that seriously makes a change on the product and helps in restoring the customer satisfaction? To bridge this gap between the customers and company arrived a brilliant platform solution called "Easy Feedback Token" which not only takes the customer feedback to concerned company but also benefits the customer through tokens. There are a handful of organizations already benefiting through Easy Feedback platform which has helped them improve customer satisfaction and experience.


Easy Feedback is a unique platform which is a trusted third party platform connecting the customers and the company to exchange feedback for improvement, growth and to improve user experience of the product. There is an urge for such a platform as the valuable feedback and the serious claims from the customers were left unnoticed thereby resulting in unstable product quality and lack of customer satisfaction. Easy Feedback makes a thorough check on feedback provided by the customers and connects them with concerned organization or institution to get them answered and rectified. This in turn increases the productivity and credibility of the product which gives positive impact on the country's economy as well.

Easy Feedback Token (EFT)


Easy Feedback Token is a token which is gifted to the potential customer who give original and valuable feedback that has an impact on the product or services. Easy Feedback motivates and facilitates the customer to reach the responsible team to get their issues fixed and give their suggestions to improve the product thereby uplifting the growth by adding values. Some customers even appreciate the services provided which encourages service providers to work effectively. Being launched in 2015, Easy Feedback has enabled the users to provide more than 10,000 feedbacks to 50 countries across the world. This platform increases customer base by giving them tokens as rewards for effective and valuable feedback. EFT takes the responsibility of ensuring the communication of true value feedback from the potential customer to the concerned company rather than matching with the random ones. They have established an online store where these tokens can be used to purchase products as well as services. EFT is powered by blockchain technology which operates 24×7 to receive customer feedback and stay awake to streamline the services provided by the companies.

Easy Feedback Pro

Easy Feedback Pro is an exclusively business tool that enables companies to get their feedback filtered and stay focused on the feedback encountered by their target audience. The companies use the suggestions, appreciations and the bad experience from the customers for the improvement and betterment of their products and services. Easy Feedback Pro has future plans to enhance the platform by implementing the easy feedback survey, easy feedback review, easy feedback stats and easy feedback IoT (Internet of Things). Easy Feedback has already found its way to explore the Artificial intelligence path.


● It communicates the valuable feedback that needs attention in terms of threat and growth.
● It rewards the customers by providing tokens which encourages them to explore and come up with true values of the product and services.
● It increases the product market bandwidth through customer recommendations and suggestions from the original and experienced users.
● It promotes the customer feedback which helps the issues gets answered.
● It brings the transparency and reliability on the product through open talks and clarifications direct from the owners.
● User can easily transfer EFT from one wallet to another wallet which can be easily exchanged with Amazon Gift Vouchers.
● Transfer of EFT from wallet to wallet without any transaction or hidden charges.
● In the longer run, EFT will be available as money cards such as Minexpay, Wirex etc
● Involving customers and making them participate in company's growth through suggestions and coordination helps in building a strong customer base thereby earning the loyalty of the customers.
● Maintaining transparency from identifying the original feedback, connecting them with concerned company for resolution to rewarding them with token as recognition. Easy Feedback stands unique bring up hassle free sustainability of the product or services in the market.

Token Details

Easy Feedback is based on Ethereum platform & Alastria(Telsius Mainnet) for exchange of products, services, cryptocurrencies or money at a market price.
Token symbol - EFT,
Soft cap - 300,000 USD
Hard cap - 67,550,000 USD.
Token value - 0.05USD.
Total supply of EFT - 179,141,000,000.
Initial sale allocation of tokens - 1% ( from 179,141,000,000).
Remaining 99% - Rewarded to feedback providers.
Minimum EFT (which can be purchased) - 1000 EFT ( for 50 USD).
Accepted currencies for EFT purchase - BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, ETC, USDT, XRP,
Dollar, Euro.

About 10% to 40% bonus is given to the users who acquire EFT during the IEO and the bonus on the price of the token given depends on the phase at which the users buy tokens. Total allocation of EFT is allocated as follows,
Sale - 75.42%(1,351,000,000 EFT)
Sale bonus - 13.45%(240,900,000 EFT)
Rewards - 1.67%(30,000,000 EFT)
Lottery draw - 1.67%(30,000,000 EFT)
Advisors - 3.52%(63,000,000 EFT)
Referrals - 3.52%(63,000,000 EFT)
Online store bonus - 0.75%(13,510,000 EFT)

Tokens can also be purchased on easy feedback token platform. The KYC and AML verification process for the users will be done by the easy feedback team. The EFT holders can exchange the EFT for other cryptocurrencies in the market at P2PB2B and Tokpie exchanges.

For more latest information, do visit http://www.easyfeedbacktoken.io/en






In an era of digital business market, it is important for the companies to connect with their customers digitally to disclose the customer search and increase customer satisfaction through tireless customer services. Easy Feedback is an amazing platform that has all the necessary features for its user be it a company that wants privacy, security and reliability or feedback providers of particular companies who look for transparency and right connection for their
queries and getting recognised through exchangeable tokens. Easy Feedback has a complete resolution for all the above and acts as a trusted third party to both the ends.

For more information check the links given below

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAu7rbNwSPk_f06OicprQiQ?view_as=subscriber
Telegram: https://t.me/EasyFeedbackToken

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