Plein Air Landscape Painting Timelapse | Trees on the Lakeshore

Heya folks

So here's the time lapse version of my last painting.

Thanks for watching ^_^

You can see more of my work here

You can also find me on:







I Can't Imagine Where I'd be Without it - Chris Zabriskie

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23.08.2019 23:12

It's always great to see an artist on a timelapse as you can see the techniques! Lovely painting :D And the presentation of the video as well! :D

24.08.2019 00:07

Thanks for watching mate. I'm glad you liked it :)

24.08.2019 08:15

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24.08.2019 04:10

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24.08.2019 16:25

It is so mesmerizing to watch you bringing the beautiful painting to life @rabbitblack :) And I like the little inserts you added to the timelapse showing the surroundings. Wonderful piece of art. Thank you for sharing it with us!

29.08.2019 05:17